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Just got home from our cruise with Carnival a couple of days ago.  Oh man, what a blast!  I think that is the most fun week we’ve ever had!

Formal night in the ship’s Ivanhoe theater

My husband doing Karaoke with a friend we met on the ship.  Pretty awesome!

Ironically, I’m the more musical one.  I sing in a gospel choir and I was the real-life Glee kid in school, but I’ve never sung anything solo, so I was too chicken to go up there!  So I give him full props for doing it and they actually sounded pretty good.  Oh well, maybe I’ll do it next time!

Food was fabulous, but I was too busy eating 
it to take pics of it!  I gained 5 lbs – yikes!

This man is dangerous at a buffet.  At breakfast, 
he thought he’d found the fountain of bacon!

Rainforest tour in Puerto Rico – Look at these gorgeous orchids

We stopped by this amazing waterfall

True cruising style – hey, that sun is FIERCE down there!   
Hats, sunscreen, and light shirts are a must, 
especially for lily white types like us.  

Lots of plants and it’s gorgeous, but very few animals, birds, 
or even insects.  It’s very quiet and peaceful, 
just miles and miles of plants

Here’s our Carnival ship the Valor docked 
in Puerto Rico.  Looks great 
on the outside, but I thought 
the decor was really ucky.  
Wish I’d taken more inside pics.  

More friends we met on the cruise.  This couple was SO much fun!  

See what I mean about the decor!  The ship was the Carnival Valor, 
so it was all American hero stuff.  We had an astronaut 
over the toilet in our room – weird!  Doesn’t this look like 
a John Travolta-style disco-eagle?


Well, this is getting a bit too long, so I’m going to hold over some of this for another post tomorrow.  Then I can tell you all about our excursions and all the adventures we had with sharks and sea turtles, and lots of other stuff, so come back again tomorrow for some more cruise info.

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