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Welcome Button CroppedWelcome friends – thanks for stopping by!  Today we are going to talk about campouts. One of the fun things I get to do is write pieces for some of the BSA’s social media outlets.

Camping can be really fun.  These are some ideas to add some extra fun to your campouts.

Last year, I wrote about our Scout Troop’s famous “Iron Chef” campout.  This is a long-standing tradition in our Scout Troop and the boys just LOVE it.  It’s probably their favorite campout of the year.  But this is something that you could adapt these ideas to a family campout or other types of campouts.  Wouldn’t this be fabulous for a family reunion?

What we do is we pick a couple of different ingredients and each Patrol (a group of about 5 to 8 boys) is challenged to create a complete meal from appetizer to dessert using these ingredients.  We announce the ingredients about a week ahead of time to allow them to do a little research and planning, but THEN we throw them a curveball.  There is a “mystery” ingredient that we don’t tell them about until that morning!  How fun is that?

We’ve done things like sweet potatoes, sausage, kale, pumpkin, jalapenos, breakfast cereal, etc.  You want things that are a bit challenging, but not too difficult for a bunch of teen boys.  Some of the combinations are a little bizarre.  I was a judge last year and I ended up having to eat chicken noodle soup with canned fruit cocktail in it – ick!  Hey, they are learning and sometimes they burn the food, or it’s nearly raw.  It’s all part of the fun.

I’ve also got some other ideas in the article on how to make your campouts really varied and fun.  These are memories that your kids will have forever and these campouts are really the crown jewel of our Scouting program.  We’ve taken our Scouts canoeing, photography, biking, backpacking, shooting, whitewater rafting, climbing, played with catapults.  For them, playing “capture the flag” is a big favorite and they are crazy competitive!

Article:  Spice Up Your Campouts on the Utah Scouts Blog.

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