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If you’ve been around here for a while, you might have noticed that I am about the least crafty, least cook-y female on the planet.  Actually, I used to be pretty crafty, but that was prior to discovering the Interwebs.  These days, digital scrapbooking is about as crafty as I’m likely to get.  And I do as little holiday prep work as I can get away with….

HOWEVER, I know people….  Crafty people…  People who cook fabulous recipes and who get to be on TV and do all sorts of fun stuff, and I will gladly share all their fabulous holiday ideas with you.  My Utah bloggers group contains hundreds of ladies like this and when I sent out a piteous appeal for some Christmassy stuff to share with my readers, they responded with some awesome links to share with you.  These girls are fabulous and they save my neck all.the.time!

First up is my friend Ashlee Marie.  She recently came in 4th in the Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship, which was awesome and I watched every episode very eagerly.  She’s also been my roomie at a few blog conferences over the years.  She teaches you how to make fabulous gingerbread houses and it even has a video to show you every step.

My friend Ashlee's fabulous tutorial on how to make gingerbread houses.


Next up is Becky Porter who hangs out at Babes in Hairland.  Look at this amazing Christmas tree braid.  I don’t think I could get any of my boys to sit still for this (although Matt’s beard was getting long enough to braid!), but maybe one of my granddaughters would.  She also features a video to show you exactly how easy it is to create this beautiful holiday hairstyle.

Becky Porter's fabulous Christmas Tree braid.

Next up is Natasha from Canary Jane.  She has 20 different things to do with your kids for the holidays.

Natasha shares 20 fun things to do with your kids for the holidays.

I’ll just bet you would like some of these Bon Bon Cookies made by my friend Kara – another of my blog conference roomies.  She even has the printable to make the cute tag for them.

Bon bon cookies with a free printable by my friend Kara

Katie over at a Mother Thing is sharing the 25 Days of Christmas, so I snagged her traditional Gingerbread Men recipe.  Aren’t they cute?

Traditional Gingerbread Men by Katie


I generally opt for the easiest option, so these wrapped candy bars are right up my alley.  Simple and super cute, you could toss them in a little cello bag with some ribbon and a gift tag and voila – instant neighbor gift or teacher holiday gift.  I used to do stamped labels like these in my stamping days.  We would just take regular old address labels, stamp them all pretty and wrap them around the candy bars.  These are brought to you by Vanessa at Our Thrifty Ideas.

Cute and easy Candy Bar Wrappers from Vanessa at Our Thrifty Ideas


Last, but certainly not least, is this quick and easy hand-stamped card by Shambray.  Back in my Stampin’ Up! days, I used to make tons of wonderful holiday cards like these and I think I have most of these supplies floating around my stamp room, but the time, there never is enough time.  So I’ll let people like Shambray make them instead and I’ll just sit back and admire them

Lovely and easy hand-stamped holiday card by Shambray


Thanks for visiting and I hope some of these ideas will make your holiday just a little bit easier.  And a big thank you to all my Utah Blogger friends for sharing their lovely creations!

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Be a pal and share!

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