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Fabulous non-tech gift ideas. These dot-to-dot and coloring books make for some awesome and interesting gifts for adults or teens that can sometimes be very tough to choose gifts for. OK, now that Halloween is past, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the upcoming holidays.  This is something I’ve purchased for my own family and it was a big hit.  That doesn’t happen all that often, but in this case, my sons both liked theirs enough that I had to go out and buy another one for my husband and they all got hours worth of enjoyment from them.  That sounds like a home run to me!

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We all used to enjoy doing dot-to-dot puzzles when we were a kid, but these are the extreme dot-to-dot versions that were created for adults.  They are extremely complex with hundreds of dots contained in gorgeous pictures.

My youngest son loves mythology, so this book was just perfect for him.   Boys these days spend so much time with their faces buried in video games and phones, so it’s really nice to see them doing something less techy and more creative.  Also, he has pretty minimal artistic talent, so this was something he could enjoy without requiring those talents.

These have dozens of designs to fit every taste.

Now this next item is something that is absolutely on my wish list.  I’ve seen these adult coloring books around lately and I actually downloaded an app on my phone to try and do some intricate coloring like this, but I found it was just annoying to use.  So, instead I think I’d rather just stick with the traditional method and do it with colored pencils.  I could see doing something like this on some of my boring conference calls at work (don’t tell my boss!).

I was surprised to hear that books like these are up in the top ten for gifts on the Amazon site.  I guess everyone wants to get back to their childhood and enjoy some coloring for a change.  I can see that – just look at this gorgeous book.

They have some simple beginner patterns mixed with some more complex fancy ones.  These would be great to work on while you’re waiting at a sports practice or a musical rehearsal or just as something to relax with in the evening when you’re tired and just want chill time.   I’m hoping to find something like this under my Christmas tree!

Now, here are some ideas for gifts for men.  I have mostly men to buy for, so this is the category I am most familiar with. My husband HATES shaving and he can never find a razor to suit him.  Two of my older boys have beards, but the teenager bears a striking resemblance to Shaggy from Scooby Doo – ick.

Everyone has been talking about this Dollar Shave Club, so I’m going to sign him up for a membership and give it a try.  They deliver fresh razor blades right to your house every month – there are 3 different varieties to choose from, and you can start or stop whenever you want to.  It’s either $1, $6, or $9 a month, so you can’t hardly beat those prices.

Can’t forget the critters.  Sadly, we just had to put our dog down last week, so we are cats and birds only, but my cats get into plenty of mischief, so I’m thinking they key is to keep them busy with some new toys.  I’m liking this one from Healthy Pets.  It’s called the FunKitty EGGcersizer.  It’s on sale for $5.99 and they have a large variety of toys for both dogs and cats, so you can keep everyone happy.  Anything to keep them from shredding the TP and spreading it all around the house!

FunKitty EGGcercizer


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2 Comments on Unique Non-Tech Gift Ideas

  1. I find coloring and doodling surprisingly calming. It was always one of the activities I was happy to do with my kids. There is something very satisfying me about bringing color in an ordered way.

    • See, that’s the organizer in you. It’s just a natural fit for you, isn’t it? I get frustrated with it sometimes because it never comes out looking as pretty as I see it in my head. Too much of a perfectionist, I think.

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