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It's time to take your Christmas decorations down!
OK, we’ve all done it, but let’s not do it this year. We all know people who still have the Christmas tree up clear into March, but that’s not going to happen this year.   If your holiday decorations are still up (and yes, my son and daughter-in-law still have theirs up – sigh), it’s been a month now, it’s probably time to take it down.  Yes, it’s a big job, but you can do it fairly quickly and then you’ll be done for another year.

My mother was quite superstitious and she would be horrified if I had kept my tree up past the New Year. She felt that it would bring the spirit of the past year into the New Year.  This year, I was even a little early.  By about Dec the 28th, I wanted my living room back!

So, how to go about it? Well, there are two schools of thought here – a bit at a time, or the whole enchilada? I know myself and I know if I do it a bit at a time, I won’t get back to it for days, so I always opt for the whole enchilada.

If you want to do it a bit at a time, schedule 15 minute sessions once or twice a day with the goal to have it done by the end of the week. If you’re going to do it all at once, set aside an evening (like tonight!) when some of Santa’s helpers will be around to help you.

I have my husband and son do all the lugging of boxes up and down the stairs while I do the more delicate work of packing everything up so nothing gets broken. Most of my decorations are hand made and very precious to me, so I don’t usually like for anyone else to put them away. Then if I break something, I can’t get too mad at myself.

I use the empty boxes to store all my everyday decorations, so it’s more like redecorating than undecorating. Keep a store of tissue paper or newspaper handy for the more delicate ornaments and be sure to put the heavier stuff on the bottom. Don’t forget the outside decorations. Maybe not the lights until ice and snow go away, but be sure you get all the wreaths and stuff from outside.

Don’t forget to take one last sweep around the house before you put away the last box. There’s nothing like forgetting one darn thing and having to dig everything back out to put it away. Or worse, having it hanging around the house all year.

That’s it. Bye-bye for another year Christmas tree. Go and have yourself a cup of hot cocoa. You’ve earned it.

What is your plan for putting away your holiday decorations?  Gold star if you’ve already got them packed away and have your Valentine’s Day stuff out (that’s next on my to-do list!).

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9 Comments on Time to Take the Tree Down

  1. I am a “whole enchilada” kind of person, and I have 2 trees, so it is quite the effort. We have too many ornaments to fit on one tree and not enough height to get a super tall tree. Some day, my grown children will have enough space in their apartments to take all of their ornaments and we’ll be back to one tree!

    • Yes, me too. I alternate. I have a candy cane tree I use most years and then a silver, white, and blue tree I use about every third year because the ornaments are so delicate. I do love them though. I’m not a big holiday decorator, but Christmas is a MUST. But I know many of our little clutter people still have their trees up and decorations lying around.

  2. I always have several things here and there that I’ve forgotten to put away. I have a plastic bin dedicated to the “forgotten”, and I throw all of it in there. Good tip on doing it little by little so it’s not so overwhelming! Visiting from Sits Girls today 🙂

  3. Great advice! We don’t take the tree down (usually) until after my birthday (14th) – but it depends on my mood and how the glowing lights draw me (like a moth). Sometimes I break down and take it down the first week – but not normally!

  4. We never take out decorations down, including the tree until after Three Kings Day. Very bad luck my nonna used to say. LOL Good thing I only have one little fake tree to put away.

  5. My plan is to pray for help and then get busy doing it all by myself, as usual…LOL

    We are leaving our decorations up because we, too, are having a New Year’s Eve party–an oyster roast. But, after that, down they come. I don’t see me waiting until Jan. 6 this year.

  6. We traditionally take down Jan 1/2… The actual tree sometimes takes longer because we need help with that. It’s a 12 footer and has 4 BIG AWKWARD pieces and we hang it in the garage. We’ve joked about making it an ALL HOLIDAYS tree… You know, change the decorations to fit each holiday!! LOL!!! Don’t know that we’d ever really DO IT… but it comes up every year when we’re putting it up or taking it down.

    Happy New Year! ;D

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