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OK, in my last post about cats, I promised you a couple of products for your own feline friends.  As I mentioned, I have owned a whole passel of kitties, so I have tried just about every product out there and these are the ones that have worked out well for me.

If you will click on the link, it will take you right to the Amazon page where you can find out more about these products and buy them if you wish.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I will get a tiny kickback from Amazon, but sponsoring these products was entirely my own idea and these are my honest opinions about them.  

First, I give you the FATTY CATTY FEEDER:


OK, it’s not really called the “Fatty Catty feeder”, but that’s what we call it.  It’s really called the SmartCat Tiger Diner Portion Control Feeder by Pioneer, but that’s a mouthful.  Besides, I think the Fatty Catty Feeder is so much more poetic!

And if you have an overweight cat who loves to eat, this is the bowl for you.  I wish they made it color so you could see it better.  All you have to do is pour the dry food (any kind) in the center compartment and put the lid on firmly.  Then they have to scoop the kibbles out a few at a time through the bottom holes with their paw.  It stops them from gobbling up their food so quickly (and barfing it up again – ew! – we’ve had that happen too many times).  After a while, they get full or get bored and wander away from the buffet line.

This product is so helpful for cats who have a weight problem!

I will warn you that this is not for cats who are too smart, or too dumb.  Our Russian Blue – Shamus O’Sullivan – too dang smart!  Even if it took him an hour, he would keep at it until he knocked the lid off it, which is pretty firmly seated.  Then he would thoroughly enjoy his victory dinner – the little stinker.

This is the same cat who would get up on the counter, nudge open the door with a sneaky paw, grab the foil packet of cat treats out of the cupboard.  Then carry them off to enjoy at his leisure under the couch!  I finally had to resort to putting them in Tupperware!  Like I said – sneaky…  But he was also fairly skinny, so we let him get away with it.  If he had been one of our fatty cattys, I would have brought out the duct tape.  Take THAT, smarty cat!

On the other hand, you have the too-dumb ones, like our little cow-colored Moo Moo (pictured above).  She is definitely a chunky monkey, but she could not get the hang of this feeder.  Poor baby didn’t seem to understand how to fish out the food with her paw.  She would just look at it and cry piteously.  She probably would have figured it out eventually.  But we finally took pity on her and just went back to a regular food pan with smaller daily portions.  And she did lose weight that way.

But for our not-too-smart and not-too-dumb cats – it works brilliantly and they did lose weight from it.

Second, I give you the ROLLING CAT BOX


Over the years, I have “scooped the poop” probably thousands of times.  But now I literally don’t have to anymore.  This thing is brilliant!  All you do is fill it with litter and let nature take its course.  Then you take and roll it all the way over on its top and tap on the bottom.  You roll it back and voila!  All the nastiness is in that nice, neat little drawer on the side.  You just dump it in a little bag and DONE!

So much easier and nicer to clean.  The only downside is that I saw some reviews about the clips that hold the two parts together.  So I am very gentle with it.  About every month or two, we carefully disassemble it and give it a good rinse out with the hose because sometimes the little screen in it gets clogged.  But I highly recommend it.

My second favorite litter box – a plain old Rubbermaid storage bin.  It has nice tall sides, so they don’t fling the stuff all over the place.  And if you’re squeamish, you can just cut a cat-sized hole in the top. Then it hides the yucky stuff, but my kitties were a bit too tall for a lid idea.


Sadly, over the years, we have had numerous problems with catbox habits.  I wish I could figure it out because some cats go their whole lives without ever having an “accident” while others just seem to forget the habit altogether.  It doesn’t matter if you clean the box every five minutes.  Once they lose the habit, it is near-impossible to get them back on track again.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely can’t stand, it is a cat that does not use a litterbox.  We recently had to remove every scrap of carpet from our basement.  Then they started peeing on the brand new tile – I could have cried.  I wish I could say that this was a miracle product that saved the day.  But I think it did help quite a bit to reduce the frequency of unpleasant incidents.  If anyone does have a sure-fire way to solve the litterbox issue, please SHARE in the comments.

I do recommend this so much more highly than the store brands.  The kitten version is the best for me.  I plan to start using it as a starter litter for each new kitten we get, just to cement their litter box training from the start.  The kitten version has a very soft feel so they like the feel of it on their paws.  It doesn’t have offensive smells, and in fact, has some herb or chemical that does seem to encourage their use.  It is a bit expensive, so I would probably only use the kitten litter for those critical first months.  After that, they have an herbal powder you add to regular litter and that seems to help also.

I hope these little tips will help you and the kitties that live in your house to live longer, happier and more harmonious lives.  Cats can be such wonderful pets – we need to do what we can to keep the little buggers happy!

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7 Comments on Three GENIUS Products for Cats

    • That thing is awesome! My poor kitties just HATE it, especially Moo (the black and white in the photo). Every morning I give her a small handful of “free” food for a treat and she is so grateful for it. On the other hand, she’s definitely slimmed down a lot since we’ve been using it. She was getting to be a chunky monkey!

  1. These are really interesting! I have a feeling that my cats would be too lazy to use the feeder very long – they’d give up and just stare at me with those sad, “feed the children” faces until I fed them normally. 🙂

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