7 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Ship Cabin Cruises Cruising Featured Image

7 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Ship Cabin

Recently, a friend of ours went on a cruise with her lifelong friend.  However, after that cruise, they are no longer friends. Yikes!   Sharing a cruise ship cabin, even with a close friend, can be a tricky situation. Regardless if you are going on a cruise with a group, another couple, or just a good […] Read more…

I've got some fabulous and clever ideas to save money on your next cruise.

12 Ways to Save MONEY on Your Next Cruise

By now, you all must know how much I enjoy cruising. With so many destinations to experience at an affordable price, who wouldn’t love it? While finding your next cruise deal will save you some cash, there are other small and subtle ways to save money during your next sailing. Because of this, I’ve partnered […] Read more…

Do you need travel insurance for your very expensive cruise vacation? Hmmm, yes, I think so.

Do You NEED Cruise Insurance? Yes, you do!

The question is, do you need cruise insurance when you go on a cruise?  The answer is YES, you definitely do!  At least that’s my two cents worth.  Especially considering that many cruise insurance policies are less than $100/person, it definitely seems like a smart move.   I LOVE cruises and fortunately, we’ve never been injured […] Read more…

I have 7 items you may not have thought of to bring on your next cruise.

7 Must-Have Items for a Great Cruise Experience

Cruises are such wonderful experiences, but especially if you are new to cruising, it’s often difficult to figure out what you do or don’t need.  It’s interesting to figure out the right balance between comfort, style and luggage space!  Thankfully, I’ve done the homework for you to determine what the BEST items are to ensure […] Read more…

If you are going on a cruise soon, you'll want to watch for these rookie mistakes.

Rookie Mistakes People Make on a Cruise

It’s prime cruise season and my friend at work just got back from a Jamaica cruise.  Apart from being horribly jealous, it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write this post about all the rookie mistakes I see people making on cruises.  Maybe it will help you as you are planning your own cruise. […] Read more…

The POWER of SMALL Rewards

The POWER of small REWARDS

I wanted to post this post in honor of my upcoming Power of You cruise with the Six Sisters and Alicia Richmond from Chic on a Shoestring.  This is a post from my Facebook friend and favorite financial advisor Chellie Campbell. I am fascinated with her concept of the power of small rewards. By the […] Read more…

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