Outsmart the Same As Cash Programs

Outsmart the “Same as Cash” Programs

This post was inspired by a mistake made a while back by my now 25 year old son. This son, in fact. Yes, I know he’s a handsome fellow, but he’s not quite perfect. Like a lot of kids (okay, young adults!), he makes mistakes sometimes, especially regarding money. His latest mistake concerned a guitar.  Actually, […] Read more…

Teens can be a little self-centered. I think volunteer service is so important to center them and give them a positive outlook about themselves and others.

Teens and Volunteer Service

Why should your teen get involved in volunteer service?  I’ll give you one reason.  Your teen needs to feel like a hero. Not every kid can be the popular one, score the winning sports goal, or win the top prize at the science fair, but every kid can do volunteer service. Usually, the recipients of their efforts […] Read more…

Thoughts About College

Next to your house, probably the biggest expense you will have in your life is paying for a college education for your kids. Therefore, it would only make sense to give it a LOT of thought. However, for most people, the only thought they give to college is HOW they are going to pay for […] Read more…

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