You'd be surprised at what results an effective complaint letter can get you.

The POWER of a Properly Worded Complaint

As I mentioned recently, my son got married. It was a very nice wedding, but there were several glitches that marred the day.  There were enough small problems that we ended up making a formal complaint to the reception company.  Which actually worked quite nicely.   It was kind of ironic because my daughter-in-law and […] Read more…

Saving money can be hard. Here are some clever strategies to help you save more.

Trick Yourself into Saving MORE with Stealth Savings

Sometimes I think the saving habit is one of the hardest habits to develop.  But that savings account has saved my butt so many times, I just don’t understand how people function without one.  That’s one of the reasons I came up with this stealth savings strategy. I think the trap people fall into is […] Read more…

Best Tips for Weight Loss

My 5 BEST Tips for Weight Loss

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about six months now, so I wanted to share my best tips for weight loss with my readers.  Losing weight can be one of the biggest challenges for us, and particularly so for women over 40.  It’s kind of heart-breaking how HARD it can be to lose […] Read more…

The Cleaning Styles of Men vs. Women

The Cleaning Styles of Men vs. Women

Here’s a news flash: men are different than women.  Shocking isn’t it? But it’s sort of a basic fact of biology.  So, the illogic of it is why do we expect men to act like women and vice versa?  There have been whole books on the subject – the whole Men are from Mars, Women […] Read more…

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