Quick tips to teach kids to clean up with less fuss.

Make it Easy for Kids to Keep their Room Clean

One of the biggest conflicts between parents and children of any age is to keep their room clean.  It’s exhausting and demoralizing for all parties involved.  So, what if there were a way you could painlessly teach your children to get into good habits at an early age?  It’s going to require some big changes, […] Read more…

The Importance of Appreciation

The Importance of Appreciation

I’ve been doing a little side business lately in clutter coaching.  I’m not a cleaning lady and I’m not a professional organizer, but what I am is a recovering clutter-holic (notice I didn’t say a recovered clutter-holic) and I have a lot of hard-won lessons to share with my clients to help them with their […] Read more…

Sometimes a simple tip or two can be helpful on your weight loss journey.

My 5 BEST Tips for Weight Loss

I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about six months now.  My weight had really gotten out of control these last few years and I was starting to experience some health problems as a result.  For me, that’s been a pretty good motivator.  Superficial things like wanting to look good or wear pretty clothes […] Read more…

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