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Got Clutter? I’ve got the Answers You NEED

If you’ve got clutter around your house, you are missing out on the peace and serenity that you could be enjoying.  However, there are so MANY problems which can cause clutter.  Depending on which ones are your particular bugaboos, I’ve got some GREAT solutions that will help you. If your problem is your spouse is […] Read more…

Part of my New Year's Eve series. This one has strategies to manage your money and eliminate your debt issues.

New Year’s Motivation – Manage Your Money

This is the second post in our New Year’s Motivation series.  After weight loss, I think people’s #2 resolution is to recover from their holiday debt, and learn how to manage your money.  I feel it certainly is a worthy goal.  To me, managing your money is less about getting rich and more about ensuring […] Read more…

Crazy Stupid Ways to Lose Weight for your New Year's Motivation

New Year’s Motivation – My BEST Weight Loss Tips

Welcome to 2018!  These are my best weight loss tips for your New Year. Every year, the #1 Resolution people have is to lose weight.  To me, it is always perfect timing, just because of our holiday schedule.  Most folks start their holiday eating binge in November for Thanksgiving, then Christmas takes off like a […] Read more…

My Christmas bills are paid off - how 'bout yours? Here are some tips to avoid this issue next year.

How Long Will It Take to Pay Your Christmas Bills?

Tomorrow is my second payday after Christmas. And tomorrow, I will write a check and poof!  All my Christmas bills will be paid off.  My holiday situation wasn’t always like this – like many people, I used to have credit card bills from the holidays that would take me months to pay off.  This is […] Read more…

A Little Help for Your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year’s 2016

If there is anything I struggle with in my life, it’s dealing with my various habits.  I struggle with both breaking bad habits and creating good ones.  I have even done some research trying to find a magical solution. It seems to be a pretty widespread issue.  I read somewhere that something like 90% of […] Read more…

Gym memberships can be expensive and sometimes a huge waste of money. I have some great alternatives.

Are Gym Memberships a Good Deal?

  I did a post about saving money at the gym last year.  I decided I wanted to revisit it again as part of my New Year’s Motivation series.  The first week of January is exactly the time of year when people start flooding to the gym again to try and get rid of a […] Read more…

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