Money Management

Saving money can be hard. Here are some clever strategies to help you save more.

Trick Yourself into Saving MORE with Stealth Savings

Sometimes I think the saving habit is one of the hardest habits to develop.  But that savings account has saved my butt so many times, I just don’t understand how people function without one.  That’s one of the reasons I came up with this stealth savings strategy. I think the trap people fall into is […] Read more…

The Pitfalls of Direct Sales Companies

The Pitfalls of Direct Sales Companies

This was a tough post to write.  Even though I have relinquished my position in the direct sales industry, I still feel a certain loyalty to “my” companies.  I don’t want to feel like I am bashing any particular company or say that they aren’t running their business ethically.  Some of them are very ethical […] Read more…

How Cut your Power Bill and Save Money

I’m the leader of the local Green Team at my company.  We have designated teams like this at our major locations around the company to come up with ways to help the company be more socially responsible through recycling and other “Green” initiatives.  Lots of easy ways to save on your power bill if you’re […] Read more…

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