Money Management

I've got some fabulous and clever ideas to save money on your next cruise.

12 Ways to Save MONEY on Your Next Cruise

By now, you all must know how much I enjoy cruising. With so many destinations to experience at an affordable price, who wouldn’t love it? While finding your next cruise deal will save you some cash, there are other small and subtle ways to save money during your next sailing. Because of this, I’ve partnered […] Read more…

Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank was lavish in his praise for his FEMALE entrepreneurs vs. his male ones.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary in Praise of Female Entrepreneurs

I LOVE motivational speakers.  I’ll bet I’ve listened to over a thousand hours of amazing speakers and teachers, both in person and in audio or video recordings.  So, when I had a chance to attend a seminar this week that featured both Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary and the amazing Tony Robbins, it took me about […] Read more…

I have a little trick I use to keep my holidays debt-free. I set up my own Christmas-club account and save all year 'round.

Have a DebtFree Christmas – Next Year

The holidays provide a great excuse for overspending. It’s only once a year, and there are ads and specials plastered everywhere, and after all, you have to get people *something*, right? So, you whip out your credit card and get busy spending, spending, spending. Then the minute Christmas is over, you start dreading those awful […] Read more…

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