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The Importance of Appreciation

The Importance of Appreciation

I’ve been doing a little side business lately in clutter coaching.  I’m not a cleaning lady and I’m not a professional organizer, but what I am is a recovering clutter-holic (notice I didn’t say a recovered clutter-holic) and I have a lot of hard-won lessons to share with my clients to help them with their […] Read more…

"Retail" Therapy = Such a Bad Idea

“Retail” Therapy = Such a Bad Idea

I think the source of a large portion of debt, is due to the effects of “retail therapy” or “recreational shopping”. This is the practice of non-need based shopping and it’s very big problem for a lot of people, especially for women.   Photo credit   When we were first married, this was a big […] Read more…

Re-Post: The Disneyland Solution

Still having fun with the kids. This is an article I wrote waaay back when. Then I added some of my more recent “Disneyland Solutions”. There’s a joke that’s been sticking in my mind for days now and I think there’s a good reason. An elementary school was having some difficulty with their older girls. […] Read more…

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