Quick and easy craft. These boards quilts are so easy and make wonderful gifts.

Super Easy Craft – Wooden Board Quilts

These wooden board quilts are such a quick and easy craft for the less-crafty folks like me.  If you’re time-challenged and not terribly artistic, this is a great type of craft to get into.  It’s one of those fun crafts you can put together in just a few hours.  Evidently, full-sized quilt designs like these […] Read more…

A round up of easy holiday snowflake designs for your holiday decorating.

Roundup of 20 DIY Holiday Snowflake Designs

‘Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays.  Snowflake designs are one of my favorite holiday decorations.  They’re so pretty and festive.  Best of all you don’t feel guilty if you leave them up clear into January or February.    I put together this round-up of some lovely DIY Snowflake designs.  These are […] Read more…

It's time to take your Christmas decorations down!

Time to Take the Tree Down

OK, we’ve all done it, but let’s not do it this year. We all know people who still have the Christmas tree up clear into March, but that’s not going to happen this year.   If your holiday decorations are still up (and yes, my son and daughter-in-law still have theirs up – sigh), it’s been a month […] Read more…

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