Guest Post

This is a collection of must-have items for people who really love their pets.

Genius Products – For DOGS

A while back I did a post about Genius Products I’ve found for cats.  Well, my conscience has been bothering me a bit since I also am a dog lover, and there are tons of great products out there for dogs as well.  So, when Nina from Dogs by Nina asked me if she could guest […] Read more…

Couponing Guest Post from Jason at - Some great couponing basics for every smart shopper.

Grocery Store Couponing Strategies

Today we have a guest poster from  I’ve long wanted to do a couponing guest post because it’s the one financial strategy where I have no expertise.  But Jason is a pro at it, so I’ve asked him to share some of his couponing magic with my readers.       Jason Feller is […] Read more…

Seana Turner

Guest Post: How to Manage Your MAIL!

This is a guest post from Professional Organizer Seana Turner of The Seana Method.  I’m so pleased she has agreed to share some of her wonderful tips with us today. Managing The Mail Mail: it just keeps coming and coming… and coming. We stash it, stick it, pile it up, and cringe every time we […] Read more…