The Secret to Paying for College with All Cash

If you have kids, one of the main worries you have is how you’re going to be paying for college for them.  College costs have been increasing wildly.  So many kids are starting out their lives with huge student loans dragging them down.  Or worse, many parents are putting their home or retirement savings at […]

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Teach Your Child to Read!

  Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, so I was pretty serious about my children learning how to read at an early age.  My stepson Ryan was in a Montessori school when my husband and I started dating, so he was an early reader in their program.  My middle son Matt was reading well by […]

Organizing the Disorganized or ADHD Child

When you have a kid who has ADHD or is just plain disorganized, basic school stuff can be a real challenge.  These are some tips to make it much easier for BOTH of you. To me, the advantage of being an older Mom is that this isn’t my first rodeo. (I repost this info every […]

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I Think College is a Rip-Off!

There!  I said it – I think college is a huge rip-off.  I know it’s supposed to be the American Dream, but I was skeptical of it when I was a kid.  If anything, I’ve gotten more skeptical as I’ve gotten older. College tuition has skyrocketed FAR more than it should have.  The latest stat […]

Power of Words and How They Changed My Life

I’ve come to an important realization. I am utterly clueless about music these days. I submit the following facts as evidence: –  I don’t own an iPod or any kind of a decent music system –  I probably have less than 20 songs on my phone and I listen to them like once a week. […]

Teach Your Teen to be a Smart Shopper

Most financial experts agree that the best way to teach kids to be a smart shopper is to actually let them TRY it.  They need to learn from their own successes and failures.  Since one of your biggest recurring expenses is your grocery budget, this is a great place to start. Do you realize our teen is […]

They Make Blind Children See

I know some people who can do some pretty amazing things.  Seriously, amazing things.  Like making blind children see.  Making children walk who had never walked before.  You know, boring, everyday stuff like that.   Take this man.  Looks a little like Santa Claus, doesn’t he?  But he gives kids a gift that is much better […]

Thoughts About College

Next to your house, probably the biggest expense you will have in your life is paying for a college education for your kids. Therefore, it would only make sense to give it a LOT of thought. However, for most people, the only thought they give to college is HOW they are going to pay for […]

Glenn Doman on Working Mothers

Glenn Doman is my hero and I figured it was about time I devoted a post to him. He’s a little old Santa Claus of a man, but over the last 50 years, he has given children SO much more than toys. His name is Glenn Doman.  He’s literally devoted his life to helping parents […]

What To Do About Bullying???

OK ladies, I need your help here. Blake is having a persistent problem with kids bullying him at school. Not physical bullying, but just being mean to him and it’s totally breaking my heart. As a mother, it just kills you when your child comes home upset because kids are being mean to him and […]