Having your house smell great is a terrific feeling. I've got some products that will help you clean your home and also make it smell WONDERFUL.

Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier and Great Smelling

I blog a lot about decluttering and organizing, but not much about actual cleaning.  Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning are all very intricately linked topics.  In order to make life easier for your cleaning, you need to have the clutter out of your way.  Otherwise, the cleaning operation will take twice as much time.  And also […] Read more…

The Challenge of Living with a Messie

The Challenge of Living with a Messie

Did you ever (poke) wonder what it (poke) is like for a cleanie (poke poke) living in the same house with (poke) a messie? I’d imagine (poke) it’s just like living with someone just randomly poking you all__the__time. The clutter doesn’t bother us, we have the ability to just tune it out.  But when you’re […] Read more…

Organizing Tips for your kids - This one is for chores. 3 part series

Powerful Tips to Organize Your Kids – Chores

Is there anything more pesky and annoying than trying to get your kids to do their chores? Unless you were born with that magically organized child (I never had THAT kid!).  You are going to be fighting this fight for at least 18 years. According to my favorite behavioral psychologist Brian Wansink, the best way […] Read more…

Eliminate the SHAME of a Messy House @AdriansCrazyLif Maybe we need to rethink our thinking about who is a "bad housekeeper"

The SHAME of A Messy House

I think there is one common thread among women and that is the fear and embarrasment of being “caught” with a messy house.  I’m not sure if we pick this up from our mothers or from TV or where, but I think it’s a universal feeling, and it’s particularly bad if it’s in front of […] Read more…

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