Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning are all linked topics. Cleaning is useless without the decluttering/organizing steps. Scrubbed clutter still looks messy!

Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier and Great Smelling

I blog a lot about decluttering and organizing, but not much about actual cleaning.  To be honest, it’s not my strongest suit, but I’m getting there with a little help.  Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning are all very intricately linked topics.  In order to make life easier for your cleaning, you need to have the clutter […] Read more…

Kitchen reveal - our brand new painted oak cabinets. It's gorgeous and was easier than you'd think.

Kitchen Reveal – Painted Oak Cabinets

Sooooo, we’ve been mucking around all summer with a kitchen remodel.  We’ve been poking around for like a year looking at painted oak cabinets, but it’s a big change, and an expensive one.  But we’ve had these old 70’s style golden oak cabinets in our kitchen for a decade and they weren’t very nice. This […] Read more…

The Challenge of Living with a Messie

The Challenge of Living with a Messie

Did you ever (poke) wonder what it (poke) is like for a cleanie (poke poke) living in the same house with (poke) a messie? I’d imagine (poke) it’s just like living with someone just randomly poking you all__the__time. The clutter doesn’t bother us, we have the ability to just tune it out.  But when you’re […] Read more…

Eliminate the SHAME of a Messy House @AdriansCrazyLif Maybe we need to rethink our thinking about who is a "bad housekeeper"

The SHAME of A Messy House

I think there is one common thread among women and that is the fear and embarrasment of being “caught” with a messy house.  I’m not sure if we pick this up from our mothers or from TV or where, but I think it’s a universal feeling, and it’s particularly bad if it’s in front of […] Read more…

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