Earning an Eagle Scout rank isn't always easy, but we survived it and we are SO proud.

My Son, the Eagle Scout

If you remember this post from over the summer – My son the almost-Eagle Scout, you’ll know that I was really biting my nails over whether or not my son would complete his path to Eagle.  I’m happy to report that he finally got with the program and earned his Eagle rank. I was very pleased […] Read more…

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids @AdriansCrazyLif A collection of fantastic resources for Autistic/ADHD/Asperger's kids

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids

A lot of my friends have kids on the Asperger’s or Autism spectrum.  It’s a difficult parenting challenge.  Other friends are special ed teachers – also very tough.  So when I found this terrific website called National Autistism Resources with some very unique products for autistic kids, I thought I’d share some links for them. […] Read more…