My Son, the Eagle Scout

If you remember this post from over the summer – My son the almost-Eagle Scout, you’ll know that I was really biting my nails over whether or not my son would complete his path to Eagle.  I’m happy to report that he finally got with the program and earned his Eagle rank. I was very pleased […]

Perfectionism Rears its UGLY Head

  I hear from a lot of women that they feel they are a “Perfectionist” and it’s said in smug sort of way that indicates they feel it to be an absolutely superior virtue. I’ve heard all the variations of it, my towels have to be folded a certain way, or only *I* can load […]

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids

A lot of my friends have kids on the Asperger’s or Autism spectrum.  It’s a difficult parenting challenge.  Other friends are special ed teachers – also very tough.  So when I found this terrific website called National Autistism Resources with some very unique products for autistic kids, I thought I’d share some links for them. […]

How Scouting Helped My Bullied Son

Our family is into Boy Scouts in a big way.  We recently discovered that my father and uncle were both Eagle Scouts, my older son was into Scouting for a while (but got busy with other interests and didn’t continue), while my youngest son Blake is thisclose to becoming an Eagle Scout.  My husband and […]

My Son the Almost-Eagle Scout

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you’ll know that we are a big Scouting family.  My middle son was a Scout for a while, my youngest son is thisclose to becoming an Eagle Scout, and my husband and I are part-time adult leaders in our Troop.  I am the Camping Chairperson and […]

Ideas that Could STOP Bullying

I’m glad that bullying is getting a lot of attention in the news lately. I’m hoping that all this publicity will do some good for once, and maybe it will trigger some useful solutions to the problem. I’ve got a few ideas on the subject. My friend Jyl over at MomItForward started a discussion on […]

How Do You Know If Is It Sibling Rivalry or Bullying?

My Tweeps were having a discussion on Twitter the other day that really got me thinking. They were talking about how their kids fight so much.  The discussion was about what is normal sibling rivalry?  Is it was normal for siblings to have such a hard time getting along?  I don’t think so and I’ll […]

Calling All Moms – What do to About Bullying?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that we’ve had some problems with bullying at Blake’s school. Well, it’s really gotten out of hand, and I am totally at a loss for what to do about it. I’ve reported it to the teacher and to the Principal every time and I […]

TGI freakin’ F! Another Bullying Incident at School

Oh man am I ready for Friday! It’s been a rough week. I’ve probably got 3 days worth of work sitting on my desk but only 1 day to do it – ugh! My husband, on the other hand has almost no work and I’m getting a little worried about the tiny little company he […]

What To Do About Bullying???

OK ladies, I need your help here. Blake is having a persistent problem with kids bullying him at school. Not physical bullying, but just being mean to him and it’s totally breaking my heart. As a mother, it just kills you when your child comes home upset because kids are being mean to him and […]