Build Your Blog Conference 2016

I’m back from my Build Your Blog Conference weekend.  As usual, the conference was fabulous and I really enjoyed the chance to hang out with all my super-fun blogger friends.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, this was my 12th conference, so I’ve picked up just a “few” friends along the way and there’s always […]

Expert Tips on What to Pack for a Blog Conference

  I am about to head out for my third Build Your Blog Conference next week – this will be my one dozenth blog conference.  If that doesn’t make me an “expert”, I don’t know what does. There are always a ton of questions from people on what to pack, what to bring, what to […]

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Why Blogging is the BEST Hobby Ever

I’ve been blogging since May of 2007, which is like “dog years” in the blogging world.  I post regularly at least 1 to 3 times per week.  While it is a LOT of work, obviously, I enjoy it very much.  It has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me. My Idea Platform […]

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Headshots and Business Cards, Oh My!

Have you ever had professional headshots done by an photographer?  How ’bout business cards – do you have some?  You should – especially if you are a blogger.  But even if you aren’t a blogger, I think it’s a very smart thing to do.  It’s just a great way to present yourself to the world. […]

My Weekend at the Build Your Blog Conference

Last week, I attended my second Build Your Blog Conference.  If you count the bloggers cruise I went on with the Six Sisters a few weeks ago, this was my TENTH blog conference – can you say conference junkie?   I don’t care though.  Blog conferences are wonderful things and I try to get to […]

25 Fabulous Tips on Packing for a CRUISE

I am headed out next week for a Western Caribbean cruise with some of my blogger buddies including the divine Six Sisters from the recipe site Six Sisters Stuff.  I’ve been on several cruises over the years, so I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work and I wanted to share some of my BEST tips […]

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What to Pack for a Blog Conference

I am a blog conference junkie veteran. I am heading out to the Build Your Blog Conference #BYB’14 in downtown Salt Lake this weekend.   This will be my 9th blog conference over the last five years – yes there probably is a 12 step program for that, but I don’t want it.  Blog conferences […]

The SITS Girls and Me

Today is my SITS day.  If you don’t know what that means, you should definitely go find out.  I have been with the SITS girls since 2009 and I am a BIG fan.  If you are popping over from the SITS girls site – welcome, welcome!       I am on their site at […]

Spending Time with my Peeps at EVO

Last weekend was our annual EVO conference up at Park City.  If you don’t know what EVO is, it is the EVO-lution of Women in Social Media conference and it is an awesome one!  It’s my favorite activity of the year – these are totally my people.  The classes, the sponsors, the charities, the parties, […]

Hanging with the SITS Girls

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention the SITS girls.  They run one of the largest sites in the blogging world, and I’m one of their biggest fans.  They not only offer tons of blogging tips and other ideas, but they choose a featured blogger every […]

EVO Conference 2011 is a Blazing Success

If you’ve been around my blog at all, you know that going to go to Blog Conferences is my favorite thing ever.  I have to say that the EVO Conference is the best of the best.   The have awesome speakers, fabulous accommodations, luxurious parties, the biggest and best sponsors, and a ton of top notch […]

EVO10 Conference in Gorgeous Park City

I have to say, the EVO Conference was just amazing! Talk about a class act. I don’t think there was a hitch throughout the whole weekend (other than the ones I managed to create myself!). Everything ran just like clockwork, the speakers were amazing, the entertainment was fun and fabulous, the sponsors were generous, the […]

My Weekend at the Casual Blogger’s Conference

I spent the weekend at the Casual Blogger’s Conference. Had an amazing time, attended some great sessions, met some amazing women bloggers (and even a couple of guys). These conferences are the best way I know to learn the craft and technical side of blogging as well as a wonderful way to connect with a […]

Why Bloggy Boot Camp was Magical

I can’t believe it’s over already! It went by SO fast! I just got back last night from a fabulous weekend in Phoenix at The SITS Girls’ Bloggy Boot Camp event. I’ve told you before about The SITS Girls and how they are SO fabulous. I think they are a totally unique site because their […]

SITScation – The pictures

I know my non-SITS readers are probably getting tired of hearing about this trip, but it was such an amazing event that I just want to share it with you. I think pictures will make it a lot easier for you to understand how cool it was. Here are the organizers Heather and Tiffany, plus […]