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Mom Can I Have a Puppy? @AdriansCrazyLif Straight talk about kids and pet responsibilities

Mom, Can I Have a Puppy?

If there were ever words that could strike fear into the heart of a parent, these are the words “Mom Can I Have a Puppy?”  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE animals of all kinds.  We’ve always had anywhere from one to numerous pets during our marriage. In fact, it’s not usually the boys […] Read more…

Is Pet Insurance a Good Buy? #AdriansCrazyLife Should you purchase pet insurance for your pet's medical bills? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Is Pet Insurance a Smart Buy?

As the owner of four cats and a dog, I have paid out my share of vet bills.  Maybe even more than my share.  Last year, our St. Bernard – Joe got out of the yard, got hit by a car, and ended up with a broken leg that cost us about $800. It really […] Read more…