Self-care for busy Moms

Self-Care for Busy Moms

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The Fall 2020 Self-Care Challenge: How to Prioritize Wellness Daily


The Fall season is almost officially here, and it’s bringing plenty of stressors along with it. In the wake of COVID-19, there’s never been a more important time to prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Self-care is a tried and true way to help increase happiness and maintain sanity amidst life’s chaos.


Self-care is all about giving your brain and body a break. The problem is that it’s hard to slow down and set aside the time for self-care. It’s one thing to put off a day at the spa, but it’s another thing to neglect your basic self-care needs (which many of us do when we’re stressed out!) When you’re not giving yourself the attention and care you need regularly, illness and burnout creep in. So, how can you restore your peace of mind through small, attainable goals? 


A self-care challenge could be the perfect solution when you don’t know where to start. These kinds of challenges hold you accountable for weaving in wellness-oriented habits into your daily routine. A dedicated commitment to taking care of yourself is one of the best ways to proactively strengthen your immune system and combat stress. Wouldn’t you feel good knowing that you’re making time for your well-being each day? It’ll not only feel great, but chances are you’ll also be a better version of yourself around your family and friends. 


There are immense long-term benefits of creating daily intentions to focus on wellness. In the world we live in, taking care of your mind and body is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Don’t overthink self care! Try to make it something small and enjoyable that you can look forward to prioritizing every day.


To get started – print out this self-care accountability calendar and adorable progress-tracking stickers.  These labels can be cut out, or punched out with a hole punch.  You can put them on your mirror or on a calendar or wherever would make you happy.  


Following are some images to show you what they look like, but you’ll want to click the links above to get the actual printables in the correct size for printing.  To get ideas for what to include in your personalized self-care challenge, click on this post for 60 different ideas:



Self-care for busy moms

Self-care printable stickers



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