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I am always surprised when I find that most people have not heard about a water alarm.  These things are BRILLIANT and have saved our bacon more times than I can count.  Water damage can be very expensive.  We’ve had water in our basement at least 10 times now from either our washer, our water lines, or bad storms.  So over the years, this little ten-dollar device has saved us thousands of dollars!

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So, what’s a water alarm, you ask?  So simple.  It’s a little doohicky about the size of a pack of cards.  It sits on the floor anywhere you are likely to have water coming into your house – near the washer, water heater, back door, under the sink, etc.  Then if it senses even one drop of water, it sets off a piercing alarm to let you know there is a problem.

 Water Alarm


For example, just yesterday, we had a very sudden, very HEAVY rainstorm.  Sure enough, the drain by our back door clogged up (again!).  And the water started pouring in the over the door sill to into our laundry room.  It took us a couple of minutes to figure out what that alarm noise was.  Then we had to grab towels and the shop vac.  By then, there was half an inch of water.  If we hadn’t had a water alarm, we wouldn’t have noticed until we next went to do laundry.  It was a mess to clean up, but it didn’t cause any damage.  Another hour later and we would have had damage.

Water alarm – get one NOW (or maybe get a couple of them!).  I promise you, you’ll be happy you did.


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