Pinterest is the best and easiest way to drive traffic to your website...

But the trick is, you've got
to learn how to use it RIGHT!

(That's where I can HELP!)

I've put together my own unique strategies that I have used to help more than 100 Pinterest clients.  

I specialize in Pinterest account management and these are strategies I've developed to help more than 100 clients and businesses enhance their Pinterest strategies and attract more traffic to their website and to their products.  That's why I can help you too.  

"Even if you're not very techy, that's OK.  You don't need to be!  I'm the techy one and I break it down into simple step by step instructions so you can get the same results as my many successful clients"

This is for you if...

You have a Pinterest account, but you are frustrated with the results you are getting from it.  When you learn how to create fantastic pins, how to arrange your boards properly, and how to take advantage of the techniques I will teach you, this will get you the results you want.  Pinterest can be your BEST source of traffic to your site and your products by far.  It's not rocket science, but it does takes some specific small changes that are consistently applied.  

  • Here's why I am qualified to write an Ebook like this.  I am a Pinterest POWER USER.  I've been using it since the site first came online.  I post new pins to my boards and get new Followers 365 days per year.  
  • Pinterest has been very successful for me and my clients and I've spent the last two years learning and refining my unique strategies to get the most out of it.  I'm not great at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but Pinterest - that's my BABY!  
  • I'm that techy friend everyone likes to know.  I LOVE computers and everything you can do with them.  At work, I'm the Excel expert.  On my blog, I'm the Pinterest/Tailwind expert, and I have SO MANY tips to share with you, it's just crazy.  Plus, I really enjoy teaching new things to people.  I break everything down into simple steps that anyone can use to UP their Pinterest game.  
  • If your blog, website, or business is not getting the results you want, this is exactly the information you need.  For a very small investment and a bit of work on your part, you could see a large return in the form of site visitors, new Followers and/or sales.  Nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight, but I KNOW I can help you with this book.  

Here is a sample of the information
I have included in my Ebook and
how it can benefit YOU.  

My book is 40 pages that are packed with all these items and tips.  
I also include examples of different pin styles, plus several
brief videos to show you exactly HOW I use some of the tools I recommend:

Examples of Terrific Pins

I show you examples of both the best and worst pins and even provide a quick video to show you how to quickly and easily create eye-catching pins that will inspire click-thrus and repins.

Automated Schedulers

If you're serious about Pinterest traffic, you're going to need scheduling software.  I compare the top three scheduling tools and give you my personal recommendations.  

Learn How to Use Analytics

Analytics are incredibly important.  I look at mine just about every day.  I'll show you why and how to interpret them for your best results.  

Use Your Competition

Your competitors can be your best advantage, IF you know what to do.  

I will show you how to leverage your competitors to gain new Followers, find the best Group Boards and learn from them about what is working in your particular niche.  


There are a surprising number of mistakes you can make in using Pinterest.  Fortunately, with working for such a varied list of clients, I've seen most of them and can help you steer clear of the most common mistakes!

Nuts 'n Bolts

I like to get down into the nitty gritty detail.  I will show you HOW to pin, WHERE to pin, HOW OFTEN, WHEN the best times are to pin, and give you the inside scoop on Group Boards, Secret Boards, and how to maximize your traffic.

Have Questions?

If you have questions that are not covered in the book, you are welcome to ask me.  My Email is shown right in the book and I answer EVERY message I receive.

More Information

Pinterest makes frequent updates to the site, and sometimes I think of a new strategies I want to share with my readers.  You'll automatically be added to my Email list so I can send out updates periodically as new topics come up.  

Get More Followers

I have a large group of Followers on the site and I get several hundred more each week.  I have a simple and unique strategy that I use to get new Followers with almost zero effort.  I haven't found anyone else using this same strategy.   

I have some BONUS ITEMS for you.  If you purchase this Ebook, these bonus items will be delivered to you via Email.  

  • A list of no-limit Group Boards that are currently accepting contributors.  I have many different niches, such as parenting, food, organizing, and several others.  
  • I also have a list of Tailwind Tribes that you can join immediately.  Again, this covers a number of different niches, including crafts, food, DIY, home decor, and some for any topic
  • I have created a terrific "Style Guide" for you.  This will help you create marvelous pins in Canva and other programs.  I have selected six vibrant color themes (and I provide a link to about 100 more).  Plus I provide optimal font pairings to help you choose the BEST fonts for your pins.  
  • You will also be entered into a drawing for a personalized account review.  I don't do a lot of these because they are pretty time-consuming, so this is a $100 value.  I will select one purchaser each month for this special item and I will personally review your account and give you my suggestions to improve it.  

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Has made a HUGE difference in the way I approach Pinterest

"The Essential Guide to Make Pinterest Work For You has made a HUGE difference in the way I approach Pinterest! Before I purchased this book, I was regularly pinning but I didn't have a strategy.

Adrian breaks everything down into very achievable bites and teaches you how to combine those bites to create awesome content. The Essential Guide has so much valuable content that besides referring back to it regularly, I'm actually reading the whole book again - just to be sure I didn't miss anything!

Whether you're not sure what Pinterest can do for you or you're already established and want to step up your game, this book can help you get there!"

Christine Griffin, Blogger - Swordfights and Starry

She has the "fairy dust" to get great results on Pinterest

"Adrian came and taught a 3-hour Pinterest class to our blogger group.  We were all bowled over by her depth of knowledge - she truly has the "fairy dust" to get great results on Pinterest.  I immediately purchased her Ebook because there was so much MORE material that she hadn't been able to cover in the class.  I've been able to use the information I've learned from her to build up my Stitches Quilting account.  

She still pops into our Facebook group once or twice a week to drop little gems of information or share shortcuts she uses.  I don't think I've come up with a question yet that she hasn't been able to answer.  She will be a great person to have in your corner."

Deanna Wall,

She's made MANY changes to my boards that have been BIG game changers!

"Adrian has been my Pinterest social media manager for about six months now.  She is knowledgeable and hardworking.  She's made MANY changes to my food boards that have been BIG game changers!  We have created several new group boards and are building a successful Tailwind Tribe.  She always has helpful suggestions and she knows all the right people in the blogging world.  My site has continues to see significant improvements in traffic since she's been running my account."

Scott Groth, I'd Rather Be a

Adrian's advice WORKED. I don't dread logging into Pinterest anymore!

"Holy WOW! I actually know what I need to do on Pinterest now! Adrian's advice was personalized, clear, easy to execute and best of all it WORKED. My re-pins have doubled since implementing her strategies and Pinterest is driving traffic to my website. I actually don't dread logging in to Pinterest anymore - and that might be an actual miracle. Seriously - thank you Adrian!"

Graeme Seabrook, Postpartum

Last Chance to Buy the Ebook.

OK, it's decision time.  You've seen the descriptions, the testimonials, all the information.  Now you get to decide if this Ebook is for you?

If you don't purchase it, what else are you going to do?Are you going to keep doing what you're doing?  As Dr. Phil says - "How's that working out for you?"

But if you're not getting the traffic, Followers and clicks you would like, this information is GOING to help.  In fact, I guarantee it.  See below for my 30-day money back guarantee.  So, I think you should go for it.  Just click the button to go to my Paypal page.  The Ebook will be automatically sent to your Email in just a few minutes. 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

I believe in my product, so if you are not fully satisfied I will cheerfully refund your money.  All I ask is that you tell me what strategies you've tried from the book and what results you did or didn't get from the changes you've made.  That seems fair.