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I realize we are just a tiny bit early to be talking about Christmas.  BUT, it will be here before you know it, and when you are doing personalized gifts, it sometimes takes a bit longer.

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I know as a parent and a grandparent, all I want for Christmas or any holiday is pictures.  I LOVE pictures of my family and photo-themed gifts are my favorite.  And right now at Blurb, photo books like this adorable baby book are on sale – $15 dollars off a $40 purchase.  You just use the code GIVE15.  Or you can get $5 off a $20 purchase with the code GIVE5.


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It doesn’t have to be a baby book.  You could also do a travel book, a recipe book, even an Instagram book.  Just think if you put together a list of Grandma’s favorite recipes or a history of your family with pictures of the different generations.  That could be a spectacular gift and you could order copies for everyone in your family.

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Or, I’m loving these Photo Blankets from Easy Canvas Prints.  Who wouldn’t love a gift like this, especially if you’ve got a great family photo to highlight with it.  The specials change every few days, but right now they are a whopping 60% off.


They have a velveteen blanket style that sounds heavenly.  Plus, of course the canvas prints.  An arrangement of them on your wall would be fabulous for a gift.


This image actually gives me a gift idea.  My son and daughter-in-law just got married last year.  I’ll be they would LOVE something like this using one of their wedding photos.  Check!  One more gift off my list.

How ’bout something for the organizers in your life?  TinyPrints has a ton of calendars, planners, notebooks, and other goodies that can be personalized with your family photos.  You can get 30% off site-wide plus free shipping with the code SHIP49.


Last year, I bought personalized coffee cups for all of us with wedding photos and when my sister-in-law passed earlier, I created a very nice memorial photo gift for the family members with a series of great pictures we had of her.  I think that photo gifts really are the both my favorite gifts to give and to receive.

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2 Comments on Photo-Themed Christmas Gifts

    • Aren’t they cool? I’m not sure what they’re made of, but I have an Eagle blanket someone gave my son for his Eagle ceremony. It’s woven cotton. I did get a canvas print for my recently married son. I took one of their wedding photos and it will look great on the wall of their new home.

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