11 Tips for Organizing Your Drawers

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Nothing compares to the feeling of a freshly cleaned and organized home. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out the benefits of a tidy living space. However, it’s much easier said than done to maintain an orderly house when life gets busy. In the midst of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy for our drawers and closets to get neglected. 

Messy drawers, cluttered surfaces, and crowded closets undeniably contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress. After all, people hire professional organizers not only to create an efficient organizational system, but also to help themselves reclaim their sanity.

I’m sharing this post because I’ve experienced firsthand the powerful positive effects of carving out the time to focus on home organization. It’s a therapeutic process that enables you to declutter your mind along with your belongings. Check out just some of the proven benefits of keeping your drawers in tip-top shape:

Have you taken into consideration your organization method for your dresser drawers lately? Let’s go over 11 easy habits to adopt that I’ve outlined. These habits are proof that you don’t need to be Marie Kondo to start the process of creating a better home. You can also check out the helpful visual guide I’ve created to illustrate these tips below.

11 Habits to Organize Your Drawers


1) Empty It All Out

Everyone can agree that overflowing drawers are a sign of an overwhelmed mind. Empty everything out from your drawers first. Most people are afraid to take all their items out at once for fear of making things even more messy. However, it’s the only way to fully take stock of your belongings. Plus, you need to wipe down the insides of the drawers, and you can’t do that with stuff still in there.


2) Label, Label, Label

When everything has a label, there’s no confusion about what goes where. Use a label maker, stickers, or just good old fashioned paper and tape. Decide if you want to label your drawers by season or category. How do you prefer to separate your clothes? Personally, I like to divide things up by category, so I have all my socks, shorts, pants, tee shirts, etc. in their own respective piles.


3) Fold Items Right Away

The act of folding can be a soothing experience once you know your items have a place to go. Invest that extra time to fold your freshly cleaned and sorted items before throwing them in their dedicated area. If you can, try to place/stack items in a way where you can see at a glance everything you have. Try not to cram things in there to the point where you can’t even tell what’s what.


4) Don’t Delay on Emptying Your Laundry Basket

How often do you tell yourself, “Oh, I’ll just wait to put those clothes away later”? Procrastinating on putting laundry away is one of the worst habits. Leaving your laundry basket of unfolded clothes is a big no-no according to professional organizers. By the time you revisit the task, you will not be motivated to fold things neatly, plus you’re more likely to mix up what’s clean and what’s dirty. 


5) Clear Off the Top of Your Dresser Drawers

Does the top of your dresser collect clutter super easily? This was one of my toughest habits to break when I started getting into organization. It’s natural to have miscellaneous items crowding this area, from jewelry and accessories to keys and paperwork. Challenge yourself to keep your dresser top empty and find a new home for these items.


6) Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed

It might seem obvious, but making your bed every morning is a game changer. Since your bed is the centerpiece of your room, it influences the vibe of the entire space. It’s hard to motivate yourself to have organized drawers or cluttered desk tops when your bedding is crumpled and pillows are strewn about. 


7) Color Coordinate Your Closet

When your closet is organized, it seems to remind you to keep other areas of the room neat and tidy, too. Organizing your closet by color is particularly fun and gratifying. Not only will it be easier to find pieces of clothing, but you’ll also be able to put together outfits more easily.


8) Invest in Beautiful Baskets or Containers

Your choice of linen storage is more important than you might think. Use attractive wicker baskets or colorful storage containers for storing bulky sheets, bedding, blankets, pillows, and towels. It’s aesthetically pleasing and helps make space for other items.


9) Toss It After 6 Months

If you haven’t touched that shirt or those pants for six months, chuck them! Regular purging is crucial in order to make room for what you’ll actually use and wear. It’s time to toss those items you’ve been letting collect dust for half a year, even if you feel sentimental about them. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.


10) Allow Yourself One Junk Drawer

No one’s perfect, so give yourself one junk drawer. Allowing yourself a small dedicated space for miscellany will help you stay sane. Plus, one junk drawer is better than six. Every few months, go through it and purge unnecessary items. 


11) Organize Your Room at Least Weekly 

Bedroom organization should be a daily thing, but realistically do it weekly. Pencil it in for the same time every week, and make a routine out of it. It’s smart to create an easy checklist to follow every time, so you know exactly what you need to do. Maybe play some music and make it fun!


Sure, it’s tough to keep your socks and underwear perfectly folded and it’s normal to have one “junk drawer.” But by following the lead of people with great organization habits, you’ll have a cleaner home and a clearer mind just in time for spring.

11 Tips to Organize Your Drawers

Guest Author Bio: Gabrielle Gardiner is a passionate content creator and who helps Tommy John craft fun and informative stories worth sharing. Her blog writing background has led her to cover a variety of topics in the lifestyle, wellness, and home organization space.

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