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This is the second post in our New Year’s Motivation series.  After weight loss, I think people’s #2 resolution is to recover from their holiday debt, and learn how to manage your money.  I feel it certainly is a worthy goal.  To me, managing your money is less about getting rich and more about ensuring your family’s comfort and safety.  

I grew up with a single Mom and due to finances, we had to live in some very rough areas.  So I don’t take for granted that I am able to provide a nice home in a relatively safe neighborhood for my own children.  That was a very important lesson for me.


Part of my New Year's Eve series. This one has strategies to manage your money and eliminate your debt issues.

The Debt-Free Resources I Have to Offer to Manage Your Money

I have more than 75 posts on this site to teach you how to manage your money.  I’ve picked out my top five to hit a couple of different aspects of financial management.  I think my focus is a little different than many other finance/thrifty bloggers.  I don’t focus so much on specific deals as I do on small, measurable behavior changes and changing financial habits.  That is the real key to lasting improvement in how to manage your money.  I also have teen and young adult children, so I devote considerable attention to managing kids and money.

Here’s another little bonus tip – a simple tip to save you on library fines.

I hope these tips will give you a lot of help to manage your money.  Tomorrow’s topic is going to be how to declutter and manage your home.  That’s always a popular New Year’s resolution topic.  Here is the entire series.

Day 1 – Weight Loss Tips

Day 2 – Manage Your Money

Day 3 – Declutter/Organize Your Home

Day 4 – Be a Better Parent

Manage your money


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