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This summer I’ve been doing something I thought I would never do.  I’ve been a fashion model.  On TV!  Yeah, me and my plus-sized, middle-aged self.  And my teenaged son has gotten to be a fashion model too.  That was yet another of the unexpected bonuses of being a blogger – see my post on Blogging is the Best Hobby.  

I met Alicia Richmond of Chic on a Shoestring.  She is an amazing local fashion stylist who works with real women to find affordable clothing that really flatters their bodies. She has a twice-weekly spot on the local TV show Fresh Living. She was looking for volunteers to fashion model sunglasses and I said why not?  

So there I was one day modeling sunglasses for her TV show. That was really a lot of fun and she was able to find sunglasses that were the most flattering for our face types – turns out I have a heart-shaped face – who knew?  That is Alicia on the end in the yellow sweater.  I’m in the denim jacket.  

It’s a Great Experience being a Fashion Model

Next time around, she was looking for teenaged fashion models for a back-to-school segment again for the Fresh Living show.  I thought my son Blake would enjoy it, so I sent in his picture and he was one of the kids she picked.  He was the High School example.  And look at the awesome outfit she picked for him!  It is head-to-toe Oakley – sunglasses, backpack, flipflops (he put the shoes on later so they wouldn’t get dirty), and all.  Doesn’t he look handsome here?  

I almost did a double-take when I saw him all decked out in his outfit that Alicia picked out.  This is the first time he has genuinely looked like a High School kid to me.  In fact, we both liked it so much, I bought the outfit for him – well the shirt and shorts anyway.  Sadly, you don’t get to keep the clothes, but I couldn’t bear the disappointed look on his face when he found that out, even though we don’t usually buy designer brands.  

Here he is with the Middle School model – sorry, I don’t remember any of the other kid’s names.  That is Alicia in the center.  I think this was during the actual shoot, but it may have been their rehearsal also.  Doesn’t the girl look cute with that double pattern scarf?  Apparently, those are definitely IN right now.  I think this was from the Banana Republic or American Eagle?  

Here is the whole group posing with Alicia.  Obviously bright colors are big this year, also unlaced tennis shoes, and colorful flats.  There is some Quicksilver, Oshkosh, and I think Old Navy represented here.  

I’ve never been into fashion very much, but I think this was such a positive experience for both of us.  It just gives you a boost of confidence to be up in front of the cameras and wearing outfits that were hand-picked for you that really look terrific.  I hope we get a chance to do more fashion model gigs like this!    

My son the fashion model

Next up, I have another date with Alicia.  This weekend, I am going to be one of nine fashion models selected for her “Real Women Fashion Show” at South Towne Mall.  I’m so excited to see what types of clothes she picks out for me.  This is a great way to get some terrific fashion advice from a professional stylists.  Plus, this time I get to do the full hairstyle and makeup treatment as well.  I’m a little nervous about strutting around the runway, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.  

PS:  The show was a big hit and we all had a great time doing it.  It is posted over at One Good Thing by Jillee.  


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10 Comments on My Son – the Fashion Model

  1. Your son looks very hipster, clean cut, nice! And what a fun opportunity for you. It’s neat to see the random opportunities life can bring you.

  2. How fun Adrian! What a cool opportunity! I think I would have bought my son the clothes too…I’m always after my middle school son to look nicer! My high school son is in private school so he goes to school with a jacket and tie! Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. How awesome! It’s like being a celebrity for a day. She really has very good style sense and I do really like Blake’s outfit. It’s so sweet that you got it for him. Good luck on the runway!

  4. That sounds so fun! I remember acting as a sort of live statue model for a store when I was about your son’s age and I loved the experience! My best friend and I did it together and were given a big discount on the store’s clothes. I think we both ended up buying the outfits we modeled, too. 🙂

  5. that is really awesome…I’m going to have to check her blog out. That is awesome that your son participated…GO HIM…what a cutie…er I mean handsome.

    I only started realizing taht I look better in dresses and skirts rather than pants…took me only 38 years, LOL


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