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My Favorite Cleaning BooksPart of my process is to rely on a lot of different cleaning books and sometimes videos.  I get one or two ideas from each one and it’s just generally a big help to me in gaining inspiration for my organizing.  Most of them are also really funny, which makes them an enjoyable read.

Some of them, I’ve even reviewed elsewhere on my blog – those ones have links on them.


I think reading books like this a couple of times per year serves a couple of purposes.  It doesn’t just give you new ideas for cleaning and organizing, but it also puts you in the right mindframe to want to keep up your good intentions.  It’s almost a mild form a brain washing and I figure my brain needs washing – as frequently as possible.

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5 Comments on My Favorite Cleaning Books

    • No, I didn’t know he had a new one. I’ll have to check it out. I love Peter Walsh and I need a bit of a refresher. I always get so much more energetic after reading a book like that!

  1. So I saw the title of this post and thought who buys cleaning books? Well I do for one…I buy books on just about anything. I love the way you think! (found you SITS sharpest)

    • I love, love, love books and I’m actually reading a new cleaning book. I take some of the ideas and condense them into a post, so it’s great blog fodder. Plus I start paying more attention to my house. Love the SITS Girls – they’re my sweetest ladies!

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