Moving with Teenagers

5 Tips for Moving with Teenagers

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Parents understand that teenagers can get a bit hard to deal with. They’re in a stage in their lives where they want to explore their independence, which can come off in the wrong way. And if we’re doing a big life transition like moving with teenagers, this can be difficult for them to adjust to. However, just because this is something new for them doesn’t mean they won’t be able to cope with our move. Here’s some tips for moving with teenagers, whether it’s just across town or moving long distance.

Tips for Moving with Teenagers

  1. Let teenagers accompany you to your trips. one of the best ways to engage with their teenagers is to involve them with big things such as your house move. One way you can do this is by asking them to accompany you to your new neighborhood when you go there to fix paper works and other requirements for your move. This can help acquaint your teenagers with things adults normally do, such as managing a moving checklist, hiring best long distance moving companies, and even tracking moving expenses.Check out my printable Moving Planner at the bottom of the page.


  2. Let them approach you regarding their problems with the move. Try to sit down with your teenager and talk about the many things that might concern them with the move. How will this move affect their education? How will the move affect their relationships with their friends? Asking their insights on these things and how they want to cope with this life transition can help you and your teenager have closer ties as parent and child. This also gives you an idea as to what you can do to help them with their situation much better.
  3. Let them manage their own rooms to instill responsibility. Teenagers can be difficult to deal with especially since they’re at a part of their lives that can motivate them to be a bit stubborn. One of the ways we can encourage teenagers to contribute to the moving process is by assigning them to pack and unpack things they actually own. This gives them a sense of responsibility as they have to manage packing their own stuff. This can also be a great life lesson for them to be accountable for their own actions.
  4. Let them decide on some aspects of the move. Another way to engage with teenagers during your move is to actually ask for their insights on some parts of the moving process. For instance, you can ask them for your very thoughts on places you can visit in your new neighborhood. You can also ask them for their thoughts on the layout for their own rooms, or other parts of your new house. Letting them feel involved with the move can make them more responsive and more cooperative. This also lets them know you want to take them seriously, and that they’re more prepared to be adults.
  5. Let them interact with service providers. Should you avail professional services like movers, make sure you take time to let your teenagers interact with them. This can help them get used to the idea of interacting with adults as they grow up. Letting movers share their experiences with your teenagers can also give them a bit of a new perspective to life.

Moving with teenagers


Moving with Teenagers:  Let Them Help (or MAKE Them Help!)

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that your teenagers are actually very capable of helping you out with conducting your move. In fact, their new perspective on growing up and becoming an adult can use a “real life experience” such as helping you out with the move. When we treat teenagers seriously, or at least as children about to become adults, they can become more cooperative and understanding of the moving process. If you have more tips on how we can engage more with your teenagers, please feel free to share them with me!

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