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Here are a few more tidbits I picked up from Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary during my recent all-day seminar.  He’s quite a genius on teaching people to be more persuasive.  Some of the contestants could really learn from him!

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary listens to pitches all the time. He shares how to make yourself more persuasive and get further in life.

3 Ways to be More Persuasive

Hey, you might not ever end up on Shark Tank, but we all have to make pitches to persuade other people all the time.  We pitch our ideas to our spouses, our bosses, the teachers at our kid’s school, and any number of different scenarios.  Sooooo, the better we get at being more persuasive, the more frequently, we are going to get what we want or need.  Sound like a win-win?

Here are Kevin’s best tips on how he decides which pitches he chooses to invest HIS MONEY in:

FAST – These people are terrific persuaders.  They are able to articulate their entire concept in just 90 seconds and they use enough enthusiasm and emotion to get the sharks intrigued.  Everyone is familiar with the concept of an elevator pitch – but this is the traditional elevator pitch on steroids.

CONFIDENT – It isn’t just about the product or the idea.  The sharks are also investing in PEOPLE.  They have to believe that this person is the ONE PERSON who can successfully launch this product.  You have to be able to persuade people that YOU can be the rainmaker for this idea.

FACTS – The other piece of the puzzle is that you’ve got to know your stuff.  If you’ve ever seen the show, the numbers start flying fast and furious.  If the person stumbles for even one second – game over!  And that’s true with every pitch.  You’ve got to know your facts and be able to counter every objection.

Being more persuasive is like a super power to get your own way in life. Kevin O'Leary shows you how.

So, how can you use this knowledge to help you in your own real-life situations?  It would almost be like a superpower if you are able to persuade people around to your own point of view.

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