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Welcome Button CroppedHello and welcome to my blog!  Can you believe that summer is already half over?  Just think – Christmas will be HERE before we know it (groan).  Personally, I hate to even THINK about it, but it rolls around every year just like clockwork.  

Now I know there are some of you hyper-organized types that are already buying and stashing presents away.  That is fabulous, but what I’m really asking, is are you FINANCIALLY prepared for the holiday season?  I am!

It's July! Are you READY for Christmas? I am. I have half my holiday money all tucked away.

As I shared in an earlier post How Long Will It Take to Pay Your Christmas Bills?  I have had mostly debt-free Christmases for about 5 years now.  In fact, I already have a little over half the money for this year quietly stashed away in a savings account, just simmering.

Granted, I love to buy presents for my family and I always go a little overboard.  But because I have this solid foundation, my Christmas bills never take me more than a month or two to pay.  I’m betting that quite a few of you are still paying for long-forgotten (or broken) toys and other holiday trappings from last year.

Have a Strategy!

Christmas is coming regardless if you are ready or not.  But it’s not too late to START getting ready.  You might not be able to save for your whole Christmas, but you could get a significant leg up on it if you start saving NOW.  It’s easier than you would think.  I just opened a basic no-fee checking account with a small direct deposit every payday.  Then I put the debit card in the drawer until Thanksgiving weekend.  Then I have a nice little stash of guilt-free cash to start buying my gifts.

It's July.  Are You Ready for Christmas?  You can start saving NOW. It will be here before you know it.

I know it’s all hot and sunny outside now, but that guy in the big red suit will be popping down the chimney a lot sooner than you might think!

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2 Comments on It’s July – Are you Ready for CHRISTMAS?

  1. You and I are kindred spirits on this one, Adrian! I did some Christmas shopping at the Sidewalk Sales in my town, and I love getting ahead now. It is also the perfect time to buy clothes for my relatives who live in Florida, because all you can find in December is winter clothing where I live!

    • That’s good thinking because you can hit all the great end of season sales right now. I can’t buy ahead though because I either forget where I put it (blush!) or then I see 5 other things that I know they’d just LOVE and end up buying more than I’d planned. I am definitely an impulse buyer, but at least I’m aware of it and practice prevent defense to keep it in check!

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