Insane Waffle Iron Recipes

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OK, I don’t often post items about cooking, but I have long been amazed at some of the uses people come up with to use their waffle iron and/or panini presses to make all sorts of amazing foods you would never have thought of using them for.

Once you stop viewing your waffle iron or panini press as a one-trick pony, you’ll realize its full potential as a mini-grilling machine. Want crispy bacon or quickly grilled chicken? Try it in your panini! The double-sided grilling feature lowers cooking times without compromising taste or quality. Try reheating your pizza on it – it’s tons better than the microwave and doesn’t dry it out like a conventional oven – quick and easy as well as crispy!

The waffle iron is enjoying a similar revolution as home chefs are discovering its many uses. If you feel like getting creative with your baking, consider using the waffle iron. The result of baking on the waffle iron is a gooey and warm baked good, like cookies or cinnamon rolls. It also comes in handy if you need to crisp up some bite-sized appetizers like mac and cheese balls or falafel.

For more ingenious ideas as well as mind-blowing cleaning instructions, check out our infographic below!



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  1. Adrian! I have been completely underutilising my waffle iron. I have only ever actually made waffle in it. That baby needs to start earning it’s keep! Fun info thanks!

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