Easy and Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

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I know this year we are all looking for inexpensive gift ideas, which I think is a wonderful idea. Every year, we all spend so many hundreds of dollars on presents. I love Christmas as much as anyone, but it gets to be too much. Some years it just feels like a big long to-do list for me. I’d love to simplify things a bit and I think this year is a good time to do it. That’s why I always go on a diet in January – everyone’s in the mood to diet and that makes it easier.

These are my Favorite Easy Gift Ideas

So, it the spirit of watching our pennies, here are a few great gift ideas that are practical, inexpensive, and unique. Look at this cute little candy jar.  I found it for .88 cents at Roberts Craft Store! Throw in a couple of rub-ons, some ribbon, and a couple of bucks worth of chocolate and you have nice handmade gifts for a teacher, neighbor, or co-worker. Easy peasy!

This is a great idea! They showed me how to do this at a neighborhood Supercraft Saturday and I just thought it was the coolest thing.  I didn’t have a sandblaster, so I figured out how to do it with etching cream.  You just need any glass dish or plate, some cheap contact paper, and some glass etching cream. I made a plate, some Pyrex dishes, and a large glass mug for my husband.

You can also use an etching pen, but I think it doesn’t give as nice a finish.

I used my Cricut to cut the letters, but you could use a stencil and a kraft knife. Then you just stick on the stencil and use a foam brush (and gloves!) to apply the etching cream.  You could buy one of those large assortments of Pyrex dishes and make a bunch of different gifts.  I think that’s awesome and makes for a very practical and often-used gift.

Look at this gorgeous plate I got at the last dinner with my craft group.  They make awesome gifts and look really impressive, and because the etching is all done on the underside, they are still food-safe. Lots of gift possibilities with these.



I just love these notebooks. They are simply those Composition books that you used to use in school, covered with some pretty paper and ribbon. They make a wonderful gift and take maybe 20 minutes to make.  


Here’s another cute and easy gift idea.  So simple and probably took 15 minutes and a little bit of ribbon and some rub-ons on a little clay pot.  Throw in a pretty flower or a plant and that would make such a lovely gift for someone.


Here’s another pretty notebook (sorry about the blurry picture).  This is an actual composition book that I found in this striped pattern, so all I had to do was add a bit of ribbon, some cardstock to cover the label, and a pretty flower with a rhinestone.  I think just about anyone can do this!


For you non-crafty types – Mary Hunt over at Debt Free Living has a fabulous idea for making a unique keepsake journal. She has a whole list of questions to help you create fabulous journal entries. What you do is print them out and put them in a pretty jar – like a mason jar and give them with the journal. Then every day, the person pulls out a slip of paper and writes a journal entry based on the idea. Wouldn’t this be a great idea for a grandparent or a parent? You just print and cut them into strips, roll them up and put them in the jar. What could be easier?

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    1. I’m gonna do a post about the SITS girls one of these days. They’re my blogging HEROES! Glad you liked my little goodies. I do love quick and easy little gifts for people.

  1. I like these ideas. I think this year is definitely one of those years where I went overboard. I need to watch my spending but I’ll be doing crafty gifts like these next year. I’m stopping by from SITS, happy Saturday.

    1. I hear ya. I’ve been pretty good this year, but some years, I really go overboard. Having little, simple gifts like this can be a lifesaver sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love these ideas especially for teachers since I have 3 kids and a lot of teachers to thank! Stopping by from SITS

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