How to Speed Clean your Messy Kitchen

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I’m a huge fan of the speed clean.  Part of it is that I hate cleaning, but also because I have like a zillion other things I really love doing, and the faster I can sprint through my cleaning routine, the quicker I can get to the fun stuff.  

I’ve actually studied this stuff – check out my post on my favorite Speed Cleaning book.  It’s got all my favorite speed cleaning tips. After growing up in a messy home, I am determined to set a different path for my own home.

And this quote by Bill Gates – that is 100% ME he is talking about:

Speed Clean your kitchen

I once had an project at work that was supposed to take 6 weeks.  I figured out some shortcuts to get it done in 4 days flat!  So, of course I came up with a strategy to speed clean your kitchen in just 15 minutes, even when it’s REALLY messy.  It may not be 100% spotless, but if you’re just looking for a quick solution so you can get on to the next thing, it’s pretty fabulous.

To start, you want to grab all your tools and get them in one place – I keep a cleaning caddy handy with all my favorite cleaning products, and microfiber cloths.  Then I just grab my trusty my broom and mop.

Speed Clean Step One – Handle the Dishes First

One of the quickest speed cleaning tasks is to blast through the dishes.  One thing that makes it easier for me to face the dishes was to use my timer.  Once I realized I could load or unload the dishwasher in less than 5 minutes flat, I didn’t mind it so much.  So fill up one side of the sink with hot soapy water and pile all the greasy pans and big items in there.  Take the smaller stuff and load it into the dishwasher.  Anything that doesn’t fit, just stack up neatly on the counter out of the way.

Speed Clean Your Messy Kitchen FAST

Speed Clean Step Two – Grab the Trash, Mail and any Stray Papers

I’ve found it best to always pick the same starting point and go around in the same pattern.  Just grab a grocery bag and dump the trash in it as you go.  If you find any mail or papers along the way, gather them up and put them in a safe place.  Keep the pace going, this shouldn’t take more than 5-8 minutes tops including the table.

Speed Clean Step Three – Put Away Any Other Stuff and Wipe Down the Counters

Next, go back in the other direction and take a minute or two to put away any spices that have been left out, or any other items that don’t belong.  This isn’t the time to rearrange your spices or meticulously wipe out the microwave, we are going for the speed record today!

Now your counter and table should be looking fairly clear and ready for a wipe.  I’m a big fan of natural-based cleaners – I get mine from Grove, usually Mrs. Meyers.  You can get a free gift set with a $20 purchase using my link.

Spritz everything with your preferred cleaner and give it a few minutes to soak in.  Go ahead and sweep all the crumbs onto the floor – we’ll catch them on the next step.  Then take a clean microfiber cloth and swipe, swipe, swipe and done!

Speed Clean Step Four – Clean the Stovetop and Finish up the Pots and Pans

I do like to do the stove as a separate step.  We have a gas stove and my husband likes fried foods, so it gets messy really easy!  I have an all-natural degreaser that I use to make a messy job easier.  I spritz the stove down really good and let it sit while I finish up the pots and pans that have been soaking.  Now the whole kitchen is starting to sparkle, everything but the floor.

Speed Clean Step Five – Hit the Floor

Now, this isn’t going to be a thorough clean, but you can get 90% of it with a quick fly-by.  Again, you want to pick a starting point and work your way around in a standard pattern.  I use the old fashioned broom and dust pan, although some people prefer a Swiffer or even a vacuum.  I do like those mops that have the built-in squirt mechanism and the removable Velcro pads.  Definitely easier than the mop and bucket method.

When I’m going a quick blitz, I don’t take the time to remove all the chairs and everything like I would for a full-on clean.  It’s quicker to just scoot things around and focus on the trouble spots.  I do have a fluffy white cat, so cat hair is a problem EVERYWHERE in our house!  It’s a good thing he’s cute…   So, I have to be more thorough with the sweeping because of that.  But the mopping usually goes pretty quick since we’ve got dark grey laminate flooring so I can see the trouble spots.

Now you can sit back and admire your sparkling kitchen.  Hopefully, it’ll stay that way for at least a few hours! facebook_adrian

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