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How to Downsize your Digital Scrapbooking Pages @AdriansCrazyLif I show you how to easily downsize those 12 X 12 pages to 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 - EASY.
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One thing I love about digital scrapbooking is that you aren’t necessarily married to a page size.  I typically like to design my pages in 12 X 12, but I don’t necessarily like storing the 12 X 12 albums.  They take up a LOT of space and are kind of awkward to store because they don’t fit on most shelves.  They’re also much more expensive to print.  So instead, I’ve learned a little trick to easily downsize my pages for printing to 8 X 8 or even 6 X 6.

First, as I said, I design my pages in 12 X 12.  That’s just an easy size for me to work in.  So, when I have my page exactly the way I want it (that’s the hard part – I always want to keep fiddling with it) then I use my software to save the completed page as a .jpg file.

Even though Stampin’ Up! no longer carries their My Digital Studio product, I still am able to use the software, but this should work in Photoshop or pretty much any other digital scrapbooking software.  Typically I do 10-20 pages in one for a photo book, so as I’m going along, I save each page as it’s own file.

How to Print your Digital Scrapbooking Pages in Various Sizes

Then I go to whatever website I’m using to print the pages, basically whatever is having a sale – Shutterfly, Picasa, Snapfish doesn’t matter which one.  Actually a website called ScrappingSimply.com has the best prices I’ve seen at $1.99 for 12 X 12.  Start up a project in any square format either 8 X 8 or 6 X 6.  Then just open it up to a blank page and import the picture you just created and BAM! there’s your page.  How easy is that?  Then you can create them as a bound book or as separate pages – whatever you choose.  Eeeasy peesy!

Here is a sample of some of my pages.  Since my son just achieved his Eagle Rank, I’m featuring some of the pages I’ve made for his Scout album.
How to Downsize your Digital Scrapbook pages @AdriansCrazyLif - Simple trick to take them from 12X12 to 8X8 or 6X6
How to Downsize your Digital Scrapbook pages @AdriansCrazyLif - Simple trick to take them from 12X12 to 8X8 or 6X6
How to Downsize your Digital Scrapbook pages @AdriansCrazyLif - Simple trick to take them from 12X12 to 8X8 or 6X6

Hope this tip helps you with your own pages!


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7 Comments on How to Downsize Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages

  1. Great tip, Adrian! I have old fashioned “paper” scrapbooks that I assembled when my girls were growing up, and they do take up a lot of space. Nice to have an option to instantly move to a smaller version. Terrific pages, by the way. You will enjoy these again and again!

    • Seana – what a terrific idea! I also have several books full of traditional-style pages and it had never occurred to me that I could just scan them and downsize them. I have a great scanner at work that would be big enough to fit them – thanks for sharing!

  2. Such great pages! I love how you coordinate the colors in the design with the colors in the photos. Thanks for the tips. I’ve always wanted to do digital scrapbooking.

    • Thank you! I do enjoy it. Much more relaxing than traditional scrapbooking. You should try it. Photoshop is pretty intimidating, but the program I use is much simpler and easier to learn. Memory Makers has a nice program that is fairly simple and fairly inexpensive. And I found a place where I can print my pages for $1.99 each. That keeps it from being a terribly expensive hobby.

  3. I really need to look into digital scrapbooking. I might have to call you to help me. 🙂 Great post!

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