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Mornings can be such a hectic time.  After thirty-something years of raising a herd of ADHD boys, I’ve learned a thing or two about being more organized in the mornings.  Maybe these tips will help you get your mornings off to a more organized start also.

I have to be honest, sometimes I am a bit of a contraction.  I’m super organized in certain ways, but in other ways, not so much.  For instance, I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who plans their dinner menus out by week or alphabetizes their spices, etc.  Or one of those awesome bullet journaling people.  I think those are SO cool, but but I just can’t make myself do it.  Well, at least not for more that a week or so.  What if I didn’t want to eat that meal on that day and the spices will probably just get all messed up again?  And bullet journals are not for people like me who HATE their handwriting!

But there is a way that I am much MORE organized and that is in setting up my morning routines.  Doesn’t matter if I’m going on a weekend camping trip with 40 Boy Scouts, a weekend blogging conference, or just going to work, I’ve got my shizz together!

And I am desperately trying to teach this skill to my drastically disorganized youngest son!  Who, unfortunately, is the son of my drastically disorganized husband.  Sigh….  So it’s definitely an uphill battle on all fronts.

I've got some seriously helpful tips about how to be more organized in the morning for you and your kids. Check it out - can't hurt, might help
So, until I figure out how to help them, I might as well share my organizational secrets with my readers.  Here are some of the tips I use that help me be more organized in the mornings:

1.  Planning – This is the most important part.  I always start by visualizing my whole day – usually while I’m having my shower.  Do I have meetings where I need to dress nice?  Is there something going on after work?  What’s the weather like?  Do I have some downtime where I might want a book to read?  If it’s an extremely complex trip, I might make a list, but they usually aren’t necessary.  I usually even visualize my outfit starting at the shoes on up to my jewelry.

2.  Grouping and containerizing – my next step is to group the items together.  Once I’ve figured out what I need, I group everything together in a purse, suitcase, or a box.  I don’t ever count on being able to grab something at the last minute.

That is always what trips up my son and husband.  They always think they’ll grab that jacket or the book, or the cell phone charger at the last minute, but then they get distracted and forget.

Sidebar:  This is what saved my bacon last month when I woke up over an hour late for an out-of-town business trip.  Because I had taken the time to plan out my wardrobe, pack up my computer, my toiletries, and even all my chargers and cords, I was able to jump out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on the outfit I’d laid out the night before and get out the door in 5 minutes flat.  I still made my plane, and I had everything I needed for a successful and comfortable 2-day trip.

3.  Launch pad – my other lifesaving tip is to have a launch pad area.  It’s usually right by the front door, but sometimes I’ll set it up by my desk or the kitchen table, depending on how much room I need.  The key is to choose a no-fail spot that you will absolutely see before you leave the house.

That’s my rule for camping trips and my son fights me tooth and toenail on it every_single_time.  My husband too.  They just can’t comprehend the importance of planning ahead.

On our last campout, we ended up in Yellowstone in 32 degree weather without my son having a jacket, a sweatshirt, or one piece of warm clothing!  Not me, I was nice and toasty and lucky for him, I’d brought a credit card to buy him a dang jacket!


What are your best tips to be more organized in your mornings?

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