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If you have a messy and disorganized house that is out-of-control, what are excuses do you use?  Let’s face it, we are all masters of excuses, and there are a dozens of different excuses for not tackling your household problems.  But for every excuse you come up with, someone else has had that same excuse but they’ve managed to turn it around and create a successful lifestyle for themselves and their families.

    •   I’m too busy
    •   I work too many hours
    •   I have small children
    •   My husband is messy
    •   I’m just naturally disorganized
    •   I don’t know where to begin
    •   I have health problems


Many of these excuses are perfectly legitimate.  You can’t really argue with poor health or a grueling work schedule, and most kids and husbands DO tend to be messy, but on the other hand, there are plenty of people with these same problems who manage to find a solution.  

Think about what you would tell a friend who had asked you for your help and gave you this excuse.  Would you just shrug your shoulders and expect them to just live in a messy house for the rest of their life, or would you start offering some suggestions? Probably.  There are very few excuses that stand up to a good stiff dose of honest conversation with someone who cares about you.  

Think about what you’d do if your child if they were giving you this excuse about doing their homework or something important?  You probably wouldn’t just pat them on the head and say, that’s OK sweetie, we’re fine with you living on the street in a cardboard box someday….  

Say Goodbye to Your Excuses
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I don’t know about you, but my kids try to pull every excuse in the book – I’m too tired, too busy, I didn’t understand it, it isn’t that important, I needed to do this other thing instead, I don’t know where to start, blah, blah, blah.  Sorry pal – life is tough, and I love you, but sit down and do your dang homework!  

They do tell me I’m the mean Mom (frequently!).  But I’d rather be the mean Mom with the kids who are passing their classes than the nice Mom with kids who are dropping out.  

So, take the excuse and look at it carefully.  Accept it as a fact, but then start brainstorming some ways to get past it.  Get creative – how can you get some help?  Maybe you’ll have to retrain the kids and husband to help more around the house.  Or hire a neighbor girl to do a few chores.  How can you make less of a mess to clean up?  If you’re busy, how can you maximize your time?  I have a great book called the Clean Team that teaches you to clean a bathroom in 20 minutes flat.  If you’re in poor health, can you do brief and frequent cleaning missions scattered throughout the day?  A little creative thinking can be a big help.

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13 Comments on Home Organization – Say Goodbye to Your Excuses

  1. So true. When I don’t do things it’s because I’m being lazy or I’m not feeling motivated. I always feel so much happier and content when I am on top of things. Visiting from SITS 🙂

    • I think that’s so true. And money can’t buy that feeling of peaceful happiness that comes when your house is nice and clean and you can just relax.

  2. I started my blog to hold me accountable and stop the excuses. My house is nowhere near perfect, but now I don’t freak out when someone “pops” by. I can open the door! Before every one knew not to do that!

    • I think you are making great progress and you should be really proud of yourself. It’s a long road that isn’t going to be fixed right away, but I’ve found if we do a little bit here and there, that’s the best way to go. Keep it up!

    • I agree wholeheartedly. I think sometimes women feel funny spending money to hire someone else. It makes them think they are a failure, but that is SO not true. We all have different gifts and talents in life and if organizing isn’t one of them, well, neither is dentistry and no one thinks twice about spending money to get their teeth fixed! And once you have the systems in place, it makes it TONS easier to maintain your belongings.

  3. Can I give an “AMEN” for this post? It’s funny… this has actually been an on-going argument in the tiny shoebox, err apartment, lately. It’s because of its size (1BR) that the mess is a bit more pronounced (not to mention, I work from home and am tired of tripping over boxes). The challenge? I like to live “stuff-free” whereas my BF has a bit of a hoarding problem (or as he likes to call it “collectible junkie”). Thankfully, he has off next week and has promised once and for all to help de-clutter. Sometimes you just run out of excuses. And I congratulate you for taking the mean mom route! I’m sure this isn’t the easiest option but you are doing your children a HUGE favor. And besides, Kelly Ripa just admitted the same. You’re in good company 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

    • I have a great post for dealing with a packrat. I was going to link it for you, but I’ve taken it down so I can tidy it up and re-release it. Come back next week and I’ll have it up for you. There are some good solutions that can be handled in a way to preserve the relationship with your beloved collector while still maintaining your own sanity! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Thanks for the kick in the pants! I love the idea of asking how I would help a friend get past it or my child. And the reminder to brainstorm some new ideas. I needed this!

    Happy Sharefest! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

    • I remember those days well! Although a toddler certainly does inspire you to keep things clutter-free. Messy coffee table? Swipe! All gone! I miss those days now but it was exhausting. Good luck to you.

  5. We fall in to several of those camps (and are all excuse worthy), but in living up to my nickname of “The Excuse Buster,” we’ve been working on fixing the root causes of what’s not working, instead of just making excuses for how we can’t do something.

    For instance – “We don’t have time to go to the store” – well, we have started having our groceries delivered, and it saves a ton of time, making the small fee worth it.

    Little things can free up lots of time, that then can be used to do other things, later 🙂
    I’m stopping by from SITS.
    Paula @ Welcoming Spirit

    • The Excuse Buster – what a great nickname! You are exactly right. When you think outside the box and use a little ingenuity, you CAN make it work! Thanks for visiting.

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