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For the last several months, I’ve had a bit of a side gig going on.  As you may or may not know, I’m one of the Adult Leaders in my son’s large Scout Troop – I’m not THE Leader (thank heavens!), but I’m definitely part of the crowd of adult leaders who keep our Troop up and running – I do the campouts and the Eagle ceremonies, several merit badges, and I dabble a bit in the fundraising end of things.  So, yes you could say I am involved.

At the Build Your Blog Conference in February, I happened to meet the editor of the Utah Scouts blog.  He invited me to come and do a guest post for them.  That one turned into two posts and then three or four, and now I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor on their platform.  And not only on their platform, but also an even newer blog that will cover the 11 state Western Region.  I am beyond THRILLED with this opportunity to share some of my experiences with Scouting.  It’s been a real blessing to my son and really to my whole family.

This post I’m sharing here is my clear favorite, which is funny because I didn’t write hardly a word of it.  Our boys wrote it almost entirely by themselves, which to me makes it so much more touching and meaningful.  I did have to get after them and nag them a bit to turn in their writing, and I wrote the opening and closing paragraphs, but the rest of it is all them.

A little background for non-Scouters.  Philmont Scout Ranch is down in New Mexico and it is pretty much famous world-wide.  Scouts have been going there for decades.  It’s a couple hundred square miles and they send the boys and their leaders off on “Treks” – hiking for 50 to 75 miles or even more over a period of 10 to 12 days.  It’s quite an experience – grueling, to be sure, but pretty amazing.  Sadly, my son has zero interest in something this strenuous, but last summer, a group of my Scouts went, and here is their story.  I hope you’ll take a minute to read it, I think it’s pretty special.  (I may even be bold enough to state that is it currently sitting at the #5 most popular post on the site.  That will change over time, but I think that’s an amazing tribute to our boys.)


Philmont Group Philmont2

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2 Comments on Guest Posting on the Utah Scouts Blog

  1. How fun! I want to go to a conference but I have planned poorly with my vacation this year. I’d love to meet the people I blog with everyday! I hope your having a great weekend.

    • I’m sure you’ll get to a conference some day, they are awesome, and you just never know who you are going to meet. This turned out to be such a great experience for me. Thanks for stopping by!

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