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If you’ve got clutter around your house, you are missing out on the peace and serenity that you could be enjoying.  However, there are so MANY problems which can cause clutter.  Depending on which ones are your particular bugaboos, I’ve got some GREAT solutions that will help you.

Got Clutter Decluttering Course Hilary Pulling Curls

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My Secret Weapon

Now if you’ve STILL got clutter issues, I’ve got the BEST solution for you.  My secret weapon is my friend Hilary over at Pulling Curls.  Here’s Hilary:

My friend Hilary from Pulling CurlsShe’s super SMART and very FUNNY, but she’s also an especially good ORGANIZER.  I’m a pretty good organizer too, but she’s got some REALLY clever got clutter ideas that I never even thought of!  I visit her site or her Facebook group just about every day and I learn some quick little tip every time I hop over there.

I met Hilary at a blog conference a couple of months back and I was kind of blown away by how smart, sarcastic, and funny she was.  (Sarcastic people are just too much fun!).  Plus we have sons that are about the same age and a lot in common.

Then I started checking around on her social media and discovered she’s kind of a premium item – 54,000 Pinterest Followers, about 20,000 Subscribers (probably more than that by now), 19,000 Instagram Followers, etc.  Apparently, I’m NOT the only one who thinks she’s kind of a BIG DEAL.

Here’s the BIG Solution to your Got Clutter Problem

Anyhoo.  She has a pretty great Organizing Course that you might want to check into.  Of course, I have an organizing course too, but unfortunately, it’s all in my HEAD.  With all my other projects, I’ve never found the time to make it into an actual course.

Because Hilary actually IS organized, she managed to get her course actually FINISHED.  It’s pretty great.  I particularly liked her “playing Tetris in the pantry” lesson, and her vertical clothing stacking trick where you can grab the right T-shirt without messing up the whole drawer.  That’s worth the price of admission right there!

Anyway, this course will make your home easier to clean.  I’ve always said you can’t organize clutter, you can only get RID of it.  Once you reduce the clutter, you can actually FIND the things you want and need.  You don’t have to be TERRIFIED of unexpected guests (I just HATE that feeling, don’t you?).  With a few efficiency tips on board that Hilary will teach you, your life can run more smoothly with LESS STRESS.  (Stress?  What’s that?? Laughs hysterically!!!)

Check out the organizing course

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