Our visit to SeaQuest Utah along with giveaway and discount code

Giveaway and Discount Code for SeaQuest Aquarium Utah

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Sign at SeaQuest

Recently, I decided to give my family a little pre-Easter treat by taking them for a visit to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in Layton, Utah.  We spent the whole day there and we had SO MUCH FUN!  

Our visit to SeaQuest Utah along with giveaway and discount code

Disclaimer:  I was compensated by SeaQuest Utah with free admission for myself and my family.  However, you know me – my words and opinions are all my own.

If you haven’t tried this place, you have GOT to check it out!  When SeaQuest says interactive, they mean it.  All the exhibits are hands-on and my gang LOVED IT!  My kids are all grown now, but I knew this was a great choice for us.  We all love animals and we are game for just about anything.

Fish pedicures?  YEP  (Feels like a zillion little bubbles!)

Fish pedicures at SeaQuest Utah

Wrap up in a giant snake?  YEP

Snake encounter at SeaQuest Utah
Get mobbed by a dozen hungry parakeets?  YEP

Feeding the parakeets at SeaQuestUtah
Play with the lorikeets?  YEP

Feeding the Lorikeets at SeaQuestUtah
Snorkel with stingrays and sharks?  YOU BET!

Snorkle with Stingrays at SeaQuestUtah

Doesn’t that look like an AWESOME day?  My family is still talking about it.  My youngest son had to miss it due to his college finals, so he is planning an aquarium date night with his girlfriend.  I think this would be a terrific date night – certainly better than just dinner or a movie.

SeaQuest is fairly new to Utah – they just opened in November.  They have a SeaQuest location in Las Vegas already and they are opening their Dallas Ft Worth location very soon.  This one is conveniently located downstairs in the Layton Hills Mall.

Come visit them at:



I promised you a discount code AND a giveaway.  If you use my special code, you’ll get 25% off admission (note that there an extra charge for many of the activities) – it is ADRIANCL25 – you can use it online or at the admissions desk.

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  1. I found your blog today! Your pics looks so fun! We are going today for the first time! I was able to use your promo code to get the 25 percent discount. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    1. That is soooooo cool! I’m glad I was able to save you some bucks. And isn’t it such a FUN Place? We really loved it.

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