Easy and Fun April Fool's Pranks

Easy and Fun April Fool’s Pranks

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I am SO immature!  I just LOVE April Fool’s day and I always play harmless little jokes on my family and friends.  The big day is coming up soon, so I thought I’d share some of my little pranks with you.

To me, the perfect April Fool’s joke is something that is just surprising and funny.  You don’t want to do anything that would be mean, would hurt anyone or damage anything.  You just want that little element of surprise.  And believe me – they always find a way get me back!

Examples of Some of my Favorite April Fool’s Pranks

Shoes – Shoes are a prime target because they’re always laying around after everyone goes off to bed (at least they always are at MY house!).  Usually, I will just tie the laces together – if they are lace up shoes, or if they are slip-ons, I’ll slip something funny in there – like an Easter egg, a handful of pennies, or a bit of crinkly cellophane.

Last year, I tied a pair of extra shoes (bowling shoes, I think) to my son’s backpack, so when he scooped it up on his way out the door, the shoes smacked him in the back!

Cereal Boxes – I think this one is my favorite because it’s so quick and easy and it seems to give the biggest surprise.  All you do is take two boxes of cereal, lift out the cellophane bags and switch them around.  Then the person goes to pour Cheerios and Froot Loops or something comes out.  It always gets a big laugh.

Googly Eyes – I did a few funnies this year, just on the spur of the moment.  I saw some googly eyes lying around, so I put them on ALL the condiments in the fridge.  My son caught on and put some on his wife’s phone too.  Similarly, you could put little paper mustaches on everything – just think of the kick you’d get out of it if you put mustaches on all their stuffed animals?

April Fools 2014 (2)

Then, I put Easter eggs all in the sinks, just for the heck of it!

April Fools 2014 (7)
April Fools 2014 (8)

And for a final touch, as I was leaving for work, I took a boatload of Post-it notes and stuck them all over the door with happy faces and silly messages.   Why?  Just because!  I’m sure the mailman thought we were totally weird, but what the heck.

Office Pranks

I’m a little more restrained in the office because I don’t want to get in trouble, but there are a couple of fun ones I’ve done from time to time.  One manager was a particularly good sport, so I took about 200 post it notes, drew happy faces on them and stuck them everywhere in his office.  He was still finding them months later.

Another favorite is to take a few sheets of paper, write April Fool’s on them and stick them in the copier tray.  Then watch everyone go crazy looking at the glass thinking you wrote something on it.  It takes them a few minutes before they think to look in the paper tray.

Now that my kids are older, they are getting in on the fun.  It’s always fun to prank Mom – Dad, not so much!  We have an alarm clock named Clocky.  If you don’t get up and shut it off, it drops down off the dresser and starts running around the room making crazy noises and you have to get out of bed and chase it.  Well, what would be more fun than to get it to 3:00 AM and put it under our bed?  Scared the heck out of the cats and my husband was CUSSING like crazy, so not a big hit.

April Fool's Pranks

If you’ve got some other good ones – share them in the comments!  Happy April Fool’s.

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  1. I love these because they aren’t mean-spirited and won’t embarrass anyone too much. I am not much of a teaser or joker, but I think the cereal one would be so fun!!

  2. Thanks so much! Now the pressure is on to come up with something terrific for this year. I’m sure I’ll be back to Idea Box again and again.

  3. If I lived or worked with you I would be looking forward to April Fool’s! Your tricks are cute but not harmful in any way, the best kind. I would crack up if I opened the fridge to have all those eyes looking at me! Might make me grab a more healthy choice! Hope that you, and everyone around you, enjoy your day Wednesday! Now, perhaps I need to go find some googly eyes!

    1. Awesome! I did post it to your linky – never met a linky I didn’t like. I followed everyone, though I’m sorry, I don’t “do” the button thing. It gets cluttery if you do a lot of them. Glad you liked my fun ideas!

    1. Thanks! Now you guys need to send me some good ones to try this year. I’ve been wracking my little brain, but I can’t think of any new ones to do.

    1. I’m so glad you liked them. Feel free to share any ideas you’ve got. Somehow I have to top these ones for this year and I haven’t a clue!

  4. My 6 year old and I have been trying to come up with some April Fools pranks for my husband, so I can’t wait to read her these and see what she thinks! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cool! Be sure and come back to tell me what you did. I’m scrounging for some ideas to use for this year!

  5. Hey my friend Adrienne!
    My traffic from SITs girls has just been so so, and I was #16. Anyway, you are all ready for April Fools. I sure hope my students don’t play pranks on me. Anyway, thank you for coming to the Inspire Me Monday Linky party!

    1. Yes, I guess a teacher would be a prime candidate for April Fool’s pranks. And kids aren’t always big on restraint. Might be time for a quick talk about the difference between a funny prank and a mean one. Adrian

  6. I definitely need to do the cereal trick on my kids…not even for April Fools Day but just because they are my children and I love being silly with them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too! I love messing with my kids. My husband won’t let my middle son (26 year old) and I sit together in church because we end up poking and tickling each other and create a distraction. I think it’s fun that I can still enjoy my kids even now they’re grown.

    1. Wasn’t that funny? I need to get thinking about what I’m going to do this year! Thanks for hosting Inspire Me Mondays – that’s been one of my favorite linkies lately!

  7. I’ve always been one of those people who only picks on people I like so I love pranks. My favorite one is this remote control fart machine I got on amazon.com. Sooo many laughs…

    1. I have one, too! Taken it on many a trip and that darn thing goes off in the silliest of places—-someone sitting down on the couch, at the dinner table, grandpa reading the paper, with my high school softball team post game talk—the list goes on and on ! I know, sicko humor !!
      Look out April Fools Day !

  8. My favorite April Fools prank happened when I was in college. The girls in the dorm room upstairs invited us up for cake, and while we were munching they trashed our place. Nothing too bad – the cellophane in the toilet and short-sheeting the beds, but I thought it was quite clever how they got us out of the room so they could prank us.

  9. Too funny! I’m a pretty big fan of pranks–and my husband is a big prankster. He’s well-known for it at work.

  10. I think the cereal switcheroo would be funny to do to my husband if I knew he’d eat cereal for sure that day. I haven’t really thought of any jokes or pranks yet but I’m sure my father-in-law will get us good. He’s a jokester! 🙂
    Eva Marie Taylor

  11. I LOVE the googly eyes prank! My family loves jokes, but it’s hard to find ones that young children and teens–this would work! 🙂

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