Professional organizer Seana Turner is joining us to talk about Spring cleaning for our digital devices.

Do Your Devices Need a Good Spring Cleaning?

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Today we are talking about doing a Spring clean on your digital devices.  This is another guest post from my friend Seana Turner of the Seana Method.  Seana is a Professional Organizer – she’s actually the President of the Connecticut Chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and she’s going to help us with this tricky topic.

Seana Turner

She has guest posted for me before – a while back she helped us out with a post on managing the mail.  now she is back with some new tips.  Digital life is complicated – so Seana has a great 30-day challenge to help you get your devices and your entire digital life under control!  This is a great theme for Spring.  Let’s do a bit of Spring cleaning and clear out those old photos, unused apps, and all those obsolete charges hanging around your house.

Professional organizer Seana Turner is joining us to talk about Spring cleaning for our digital devices.

30 Day Device De-Clutter Challenge

Modern life is complicated. The advent of digital technology has brought wonderful capabilities, but also created new time and organizing challenges. In addition to physical clutter, we now face a build up of digital debris on our devices. Since much of this doesn’t take up visible space, we tend to ignore it.  Having all these unused apps and things does pose a bit of a security risk on your devices.

However, having an organized digital life is important: it keeps your devices running efficiently, and enables you to effectively access and backup your digital information.

Many clients have expressed frustration with getting their digital lives in order. In response, I created this 30-day challenge to ease the process. Each day describes one small project to move you toward digital clarity. I’ve added in links for helpful tools along the way. The challenge was originally designed to start on a Monday, but you can begin whenever it is convenient for you.

I hope you find this process both rewarding and empowering.

Day 1: Background Image

Day 2: Label Cords

Day 3: When Did You Buy It?

Day 4: Backup Your Computer

Day 5: Clear “Downloads” Folder

Day 6: A New Folder

Day 7: Unplug

Day 8: Spam

Day 9: Unused Apps

Day 10: Update Apps

Day 11: The Home Screen

Day 12: Delete Documents

Day 13: Clear Desktop

Day 14: Unplug for 2

Day 15: Media Files

Day 16: Mice & Keyboards

Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment

Day 18: Cords

Day 19: Communication Devices

Day 20: Computers & Monitors

Day 21: Unplug for 3

Day 22: Bookmarks

Day 23: Online Accounts

Day 24: Logins

Day 25: Social Media

Day 26: File Naming

Day 27: Contacts

Day 28: Unplug for 4

Day 29: Photos

Day 30: Trash


I wish you joy as you work toward bringing order to your digital life!

Seana Turner

The Seana Method

Thanks to Seana for her expert advice on our Digital Spring Cleaning project!

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