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Do you ever lose stuff?  I know I do and it’s one of the few things that really makes me CRAZY!  I hate to lose things and I have been known to search for weeks when I lose something important.  

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Recently, I lost one of my Big Shot dies that cuts cute little butterflies.  It’s one of my favorites because it cuts about 6 tiny butterflies in one pass and they’re all really cute.  I must have looked for that sucker for about six months.  I finally gave it up for lost and bought a new one, but I’m still expecting the original to show up any day. 

When you are dealing with lost items, this is one of my best tips ever, so I hope you appreciate me sharing it with you. Drum roll please:

When you lose an item in your house, after you find it, put it back in the first place you looked for it. That is it’s natural home and if you keep it there, you’ll always know where to find it.

You’re welcome!

There are certain items that get lost all the time, so it’s a great idea to establish a regular “home” for them.

Keys, for instance, they get lost all the time and you end up with a lot of stress and wasted time looking for them when you want to go somewhere.

If you install a hook right inside your door and get in the habit of hanging your keys on it, you’ll always know where your keys are. I always keep mine in a special pocket of my purse, so I never have to hunt for them.

However, I’m always losing my purse. I have about four different places I leave it in, so I always have a little bit of a hunt for it when we are going out the door. I picked just one spot to put it in and I’m training myself to always keep it there.

The one item I never have to look for – the remote.  It’s always about two inches from my husband’s hand!  It’s a wonder he doesn’t carry it everywhere around the house.  That’s such a guy thing!  He may not be able to control anything else that goes on around this crazy house, but he will make sure he has control of the TV channel at ALL times….

What items do you lose the most frequently and what can you do to solve the situation?

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5 Comments on Do You Ever Lose Stuff in your House?

  1. Hi from SITS! I love your helpful hints!

    I have homes for things but then that rule-breaker in me never fails to decide to put them somewhere else “just for now”! lol.

  2. I love the idea of a natural home for something. It’s something I’ve practiced but never named. Good word choice.

    I do something similar with passwords. As I am setting up a new account somewhere online, I use the first word I think of when I go to the site, plus a little something special I add to all my passwords. That way, I never forget. It works wonders!

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