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I’m a proud Mama today!  My son was just awarded his Eagle rank last night.  So, as we are getting ready to celebrate his achievement, I am scrambling to finish up his Scouting album so we can display it on his display table at his Eagle Court of Honor at the end of the month.

I’ve been to a half dozen of these ceremonies with our Troop over the years, and most families put together a pretty elaborate display, so the pressure is definitely on and I have been working on this album for a very long time.

I gave up my Stampin’ Up! business about three years ago and sad to say, I have an entire room full of unused stamps and other supplies from it, but the one thing I have kept up on is my digital scrapbooking.  I sometimes will use my software for my blog images rather than PicMonkey or Canva and I do throw together a new page now and then, when the mood strikes me.

I have quite a few pages in this album, so I will share a few of them in different posts as I go along.  Today’s pages are from his early years in Scouting – from his Cub days to his rookie years.

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages - Early Years @AdriansCrazyLif My son's early years in Scouting as represented in his scrapbook pages.
This was of course, his Arrow of Light ceremony that marks the end of his Cub Scout journey. Originally, he was part of a neighborhood Cub Pack and they did a very nice ceremony for him before before he transferred to the Community Troop at our current Methodist Church.

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages - Early Years @AdriansCrazyLife. This was Blake's crossover ceremony into our current Troop.

This was his crossover ceremony into Troop 411. Most Troops have a nice little bridge that the Scout daintily walks across to transition into his Scouting role. Not us – we build a very rickety bridge made out of the tepee poles from our tepee lashed together with ropes.  First the Scouts climb their way across it – which usually goes pretty well, but then they make the parents walk across it also.  That can have it’s hazards and in fact, his Rookie Scoutmaster who also had a son in this group, ended up breaking his ankle when he tried to jump down from the bridge and it’s bothered him ever since.  I opted for the less-popular “walk along the bottom rail” method because I didn’t want to fall on somebody and take out a Scout.

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout pages - 1st Court of Honor. @AdriansCrazyLif This was their first Court of Honor as Rookie Scouts. It's so funny to see how tiny they all were!

This was the boys’ first Court of Honor as Rookie Scouts.  I think it must have been after Summer Camp because they have their Summer Camp scarves on.  I see that Blake is prominently displaying his pocket knife on his belt.  He must have received his totin’ chip by then.  It’s so cute to see how little they were back then.  In the bottom picture, the dark-haired boy to his right is Michael Campbell and last night, they had back-to-back board of reviews, so they both crossed over on the same day and finished on the same day also, which is kind of cool.
Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages - Sleepyhead page @AdriansCrazyLif This will always be my favorite page. It shows my son's famed ability to fall asleep under nearly any conditions.

This page will always be my favorite.  This was captured by one of our Assistant Scoutmasters at his first Summer Camp and it documents Blake’s famed ability to fall sleep anywhere at any time.  If you’ll notice, the chair changes between the pictures and he is slightly less filthy in the last one, so there must have been more than one time he fell asleep in this pose.  Like the flaming neckflap on his hat?  His patrol at the time was called the Blazing Saddles, so they all had custom neckflaps made for them by one of the Moms.

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10 Comments on Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages – Early Years

  1. I’m a fellow scrapbooker but I have yet to try the digital! Looking at your pages makes me want to give it a go!! Thanks for sharing!

    • I did do traditional style for years and I made some beautiful albums, but once I went digital, I never took a second look at paper books. They’re way too much work and way too expensive. Digital is sooooo much easier and I find I spend more time actually making my pages rather than browsing at the scrapbook store trying to find just that right embellishment or paper.

  2. What a great job! I think digital scrapbooking is the way I need to go…I have so many pictures and never actually get them printed. In fact I have a ton of scrapbooking supplies as well, but never use them because I don’t have the pictures printed!

    • I hear ya! I have thousands of pictures on my computer that have never been printed. The problem with traditional scrapbooking is that it is such a black hole. I would try to work, but I wouldn’t have the right color, number, or size of embellishments, so then I’d just hop down to the store and look for something, and then I’d find half a dozen other things that I “needed”, so I spent lots more time either buying, sorting, or trying to organize my materials rather than working. Digitally, I have everything right here on my computer and I can easily change the colors, sizes, or numbers of items, so my time is spent much more productively.

  3. This is so cute and fun! I need to start trying this with my nephews and nieces. I love how easy and fun scrapbooks are now. I’d much rather have them digital and then printed later. They will last forever! Love it!

    • That’s another reason why I like digital because I can do them and then make copies for various people. When they went to the Scout Jamboree, I did a book of their adventures and created copies for each family. It was very cool – I’ve got to dig that out for his display table!

    • Awwww thanks! We’re happy he put together such a great project. I’m with you – paper scrapbooking is not only more clutter, but I do a lot more pages digitally. I finished maybe one full album in traditional mode. I’ve done probably 6 or 8 albums digitally.

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