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Simple techniques that can greatly reduce your cleaning time.

How much cleaning time do you spend every week?

Whatever it is, it is probably more cleaning time than you need.  Time is literally the most precious and irreplaceable thing we have.  I don’t know about you, but I can think of 50 things I’d rather be doing than cleaning the house.

If I could tell you how to clean a bathroom in 12 minutes, would you be interested?  And I mean actually clean, not the way my 15-year-old son “cleans” a bathroom in 12 minutes – ick.

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With his unbeatable “Clean Team” method, Jeff Campbell claims his 3 person teams can clean an entire HOUSE in 42 minutes.  He should know, his company has cleaned literally thousands of homes over the years and they have studied and refined their methods and now they are passing them on to us.  OK, you might not be able to clean your whole house in 42 minutes, but if you can clean it in less than a whole Saturday afternoon, I think you’d still be interested.  I certainly was.

I will share some of the basics of his plan, but if you really decide to give this method a try, you’re probably going to want to find one of his books – he’s written several.  This one is my favorite.  It’s a quick read and jam-packed with great tips:

Jeff Campbell's Speed Cleaning Book.

I first read this book probably 10 years ago.  Since then, I’ve incorporated his methods to cut down my cleaning time considerably.  I never quite hit the 12-minute mark on a room, but I know I have speeded up a lot.

Basically, speed cleaning comes down to two factors – tools and methods.  It’s really not all that complicated and you can get started immediately.

Basic Tools

The main way their tools generate the speed is because they keep everything you need in one convenient place. Ideally, you want the tools right on your body as you move through a room.  So Jeff has designed a special Clean Team apron for that purpose.  It’s really the foundation of this cleaning method.  Click the photo to see it on Amazon.   

Once you have the apron, it is time to fill it.  It is set up very strategically and specifically.  The side loops are for your liquid cleaners.  In sturdy spray bottles – left side is your Windex or other glass cleaner.  He calls it “blue juice”.  So obviously, the other loop is for “red juice”.  This would be 409, Kaboom, or similar liquid cleaner.

In the apron pockets, you need the following things – a toothbrush, a plastic paint scraper (or credit card), a razor blade holder, a Magic Eraser – stored in an open ziplock bag held in place with a binder clip, a 2nd ziplock bag (also held with a binder clip) to hold small trash items, and a stack of good sized cleaning cloths – large cloth diapers are ideal.  Each item goes in a specific pocket and is always returned to it’s same location – that way you can reach for things and find them quickly without digging around.

These are the microfiber cleaning cloths I prefer for my apron.  They are cheap, wash up well, and have a textured backing when you need a little extra scrub power.

When you have an apron stocked like this, just about everything you need for cleaning a room is right on your body enabling you to move efficiently without digging around under the sink for additional cleaning products or tools.  You are literally a mobile cleaning machine!

Additional Tools

However, you will also need a large plastic open carryall with a handle for more specialty items, such as Lime-a-way, cleanser, brushes, furniture polish, and floor cleaner and extra cleaning cloths.  The picture above is similar to what mine looks like.

You’ll also need a good heavy-duty vacuum with a 50-foot extension cord (you plug it in one place and move around the room), a feather duster (in your back pocket), and a professional quality sponge mop.

On the next page, I will give you an outline of the METHOD.

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15 Comments on Cut your Cleaning Time in HALF

  1. Sounds pretty efficient! The only thing I give a “caution” to is when people go around and put all of the clutter into a big bin… mixed together. That is the kind of habit that I call, “making a future project.” If you need to clear clutter to clean, at least group like items together, not all in one giant box.

    • Good point Seana. I was thinking of the “stash and dash” method to be able to focus on the cleaning routine, but I did have that niggling thought in the back of my head that they might end up with a bottomless basket of “stuff” lying around. I’ll have to rethink that part of the strategy. But I do like the Clean Team method of cleaning. It makes me feel like I am using my time efficiently and getting a LOT done in a small amount of time.

  2. Stopping in from SITS. I found your post to be very helpful. Let’s face, I do a lot to get out of cleaning. And then I run around like a maniac trying to get it done.(Heck, I’d rather be blogging) I am definitely going to see what I can incorporate. Have a great weekend!

  3. I wish I did a better job modeling this behavior for my children. I tell them the best way to keep the house clean is to deal with things when you see they need done, but…I don’t always do it. You’ve provided great, common sense tips here. Stopping by from #SITSSharefest!

  4. Great tips….though I’m bad. When I first saw your post title, my reaction was “hire a cleaning service”. In any case, I’ll be pinning this for reference. Thanks!

  5. Lucky me! Both the SITS post and your posts are about cleaning tips. I will be printing your post as well. Great tips. Thanks.

  6. I need all the help I can get too! My boys love to help, as long as they can do their part in 20 minutes. Maybe this is our answer?

  7. I need all the help I can get! And this seems like it’ll help (and be a timesaver, although I’d still like it better if I had someone else to do it).

  8. Might have to pin this!!! I clean my house, my Grandfather’s house and my Mother’s house. ANYTHING to save me time and get me in/out of there as quickly as possible is appreciated and utilized. 🙂

  9. This sounds like it really works. I will never know because I’ve forced my children into cleaning. The smaller ones seem to like it. And, even their shoddy clean up jobs is better than my not at all cleaning job. I quit cleaning my house right around 2010 and only do it if I’m bribed, under duress, or in emergency situations (ie mother in law visits).

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