I have some brilliant ways to get the maximum use out of your storage.

Clever Ways to Maximize Your Storage

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Thanks so much for stopping by.  Today we are going to talk about storage.  I think getting the best use out of your storage is something everyone struggles with and I’m sure you do too.  We all have SO much stuff and trying to store it in a way that protects it while still giving you good access to it can be a little tricky.

I’ve talked about storage before – I have a great post called Storage Solutions for Dummies that talks about a technique called Active Storage vs. Passive Storage.  Basically that you store the turkey platter for Thanksgiving in a much different place than you store your day-to-day dishes.  I recommend you read it if you get a chance.  It has some thoughtful ideas.

I have some brilliant ways to get the maximum use out of your storage.



CD’s/DVD’s Storage

I have a great solution for storing your CD’s and DVD’s.  The best way is to eliminate the bulky packaging, which I think is brilliant.

Nowadays, most people are migrating to digital music options, which is probably the best tip of all, but many of us still have a pretty extensive collection of CD’s, DVD’s, and even VHS tapes (don’t laugh.  I still have a BUNCH of them mixed in with the DVD’s and Blu-Rays, and yes, we watch them all the time – we are old school like that).

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In the original packaging, these things take up a boatload of unnecessary space.  Those jewel cases are not an efficient way to store these things. Instead I use a binder case like this, smart, huh?:

This binder holds 400 CD’s or DVD’s in a single notebook.  Now, that’s efficient storage.

Or you could get a storage solution like this – it’s almost like an old-fashioned jukebox for your stuff.  You put the CD’s in it and it has a way to print up a list where you can print out a list of your CD’s to keep in the lid.  With this way, you do lose the liner notes and pictures that come with it, but I never look at those things anyway, and you can always pull them up online, so I figure it’s a small price to pay to gain about 3 feet of storage space.

Are you using your storage properly? Here are some helpful tips.

Food Storage

Another area where this works really well is in your pantry and refrigerator.  I do some Pinterest work for a lady who lives on a boat and writes a travel blog about living on board a sailboat.  That is a situation where you need to be very smart about your storage options.  One of her best tips is to remove all of her food from the cardboard packaging.  You can exactly take out the trash on a boat, can you?  So she takes the time to remove everything from the cardboard packaging, cut out the instructions and then tape them to the inner packaging.  This really frees up a bunch of space in her fridge and storage areas because the inner plastic liners are much easier to stack and store.  Try it and see.

My BIG Tupperware Solution

While we are talking clever tips, I finally sorted out my Tupperware situation.  I was so dang tired of digging around trying to find something with a matching lid, I just went and tossed it all out (really, I DID!) and I bought these plastic storage containers with ATTACHED LIDS!  This Mr. Lid solution is FAB-U-LOUS!  So, much better, and they nest inside each other so nicely.  Comes in a set of 10 with 3 different sizes.  Takes up about half as much space and I’ll never have to dig around for a matching lid ever again!

What other ways can you come up with that will get the most of YOUR storage solutions?


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  1. Great tips! With our family of 5, we tend to buy in bulk and I’m always looking for better ways to store all of that bulk stuff…I love the pantry idea. A little extra time will save me a bunch of space. Great post, I found it on the SITS linkup ?

  2. Oh, my goodness–this is so friggin smart! Yes, and I really have such a hard time with excess STUFF so additional packaging always drives me nuts. Love the idea of removing cardboard and taping instructions to the inner lining of the product–I imagine anyone who lives on a boat you have a lot of useful tips to share 🙂

  3. This post couldn’t be more timely for me, Adrian. In my hopes to do a nice spring-cleaning, I’ve had the coat closet, kitchen cabinets, and garage in the back of my mind. They need organization badly! I really like the idea to figure out whether the original packaging is something I can get rid of and still safely store the item or goods. And yeah–plasticware, don’t even get me started! Thanks for the great ideas!

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