Saving Money

If you want to save money, pay cash - here's why this is a smart thing to do!

Why Paying with CASH Hurts – It’s a Good Thing!

I know most people think that money is just money.  But I can tell you that there is an enormous difference between paying for things with cash and with other forms of payment – including credit/debit cards, checks, or your phone. Behavioral scientists have done probably hundreds of experiments over the years that clearly prove […] Read more…

Matt's Wedding

My Son Got Married

So, my middle son Matt got married about a month ago.  I haven’t  posted the pictures from it because it’s taken a while to get the pictures back from the photographer.  But it was a lovely day and we were all excited to see them married.  Great weather – perfect since it was a rooftop […] Read more…

Water Alarm

Save Money – Get a WATER ALARM

I am always surprised when I find that most people have not heard about a water alarm.  These things are BRILLIANT and have saved our bacon more times than I can count.  Water damage can be very expensive.  We’ve had water in our basement at least 10 times now from either our washer, our water […] Read more…

Auto-renewing subscriptions is a good deal for companies, but a bad deal for YOU. Just say no.

Why Auto-Renew is Such a BAD Idea

This post was inspired by today’s real-life experience.  One of my previous posts was about my son Matt’s big mistake (90 days same as cash – NOT!).  This one is about my son Blake’s blooper.  You know – this guy! Here he is showing off his new bleached blond ‘do for his first day of […] Read more…

Outsmart the Same As Cash Programs

Outsmart the “Same as Cash” Programs

This post was inspired by a mistake made a while back by my now 25 year old son. This son, in fact. Yes, I know he’s a handsome fellow, but he’s not quite perfect. Like a lot of kids (okay, young adults!), he makes mistakes sometimes, especially regarding money. His latest mistake concerned a guitar.  Actually, […] Read more…

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