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Couponing Guest Post from Jason at - Some great couponing basics for every smart shopper.

Grocery Store Couponing Strategies

Today we have a guest poster from  I’ve long wanted to do a couponing guest post because it’s the one financial strategy where I have no expertise.  But Jason is a pro at it, so I’ve asked him to share some of his couponing magic with my readers.       Jason Feller is […] Read more…

How to Create a Debt Snowball @AdriansCrazyLif I've found a terrific FREE resource to help you build your own debt snowball.

How to Build a Debt Snowball

OK, first of all, I should probably explain what a debt snowball is and how it works.  They are fairly easy to set up and use, and they are very powerful.  It’s even easier since I’ve found a great FREE resource that will help you create your own Debt Snowball. What IS a Debt Snowball? […] Read more…

Worry to Wealthy - #AdriansCrazyLife A woman's guide to financial success without the worry.

From Worry to Wealthy Book Review

Chellie Campbell is one of my secret weapons when it comes to earning more money.  I’ve been getting her newsletter for about five years now and I always come away with new ideas. Her concept is that there are three basic money types – sharks, tuna, and dolphins.  You don’t want to be a shark […] Read more…

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