Getting Ready for the Holidays with Duck Max Strength Packaging Tape

I hate to say it, but we are on the countdown to the holidays already.  I swear it was JUNE just a minute ago.  But, the fact is, the holidays will be here in just a few short weeks.  Are you ready for shipping out your holiday packages?  I’m trying to plan ahead, so I’m […]

How to Find the HOT Promo Codes for Hot Topic

When I do my gift shopping, there is one site that I head to consistently – Hot Topic!  I know most parenting bloggers are writing about their adorable babies and cute toddlers, but we passed that stage a LONG time ago.   When you’re buying for older teen and adult children, you’ve got to up […]

Amazing Household Organizing Strategies for You

One of the topics I write about is organizing strategies and I haven’t done anything in this area in a while.  So I wanted to share a collection of some of my BEST tools to boost your organizing strategies. Let’s face it, part of the key to organizing your belongings is to make it EASY. […]

Traveling with Nature Made® Dual Action Probiotics

This post was sponsored by Nature Made as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  All opinions expressed in my post are my own. Now that winter is over, we are coming into travel season.  I frequently write about travel, particularly cruises and they are my most popular posts.  So, when I was asked to […]

Gift Guide for the Nerd You Love

I had SO much fun putting together this list of gift items for your nerd friends and relatives.  I’m quite the nerd myself, so I had a blast going through to pick out my favorite items.  I think most of us have a nerd or a geek or two on our gift list and it’s […]

7 Terrific Tech Gifts for the Men in Your Life

If you are like me, you have men to buy for – husbands, sons, brothers, etc.  These tech gifts can turn any man into an instant MacGuyver.  No guy wants a boring tie, a shirt, or another bottle of cologne – he wants cool stuff he can show off to his friends.  And a lot […]

Enjoy Epic Experiences with Groupon Things To Do

Wow, I can’t believe it’s November already.  The holidays are HERE and I’m sure I’ll be using Groupon Things To Do as I am planning my holiday gift-giving.  I always prefer experiences rather than things.   You can only have so many clothes, books, CD’s, etc.  But experiences are memories, especially if you can find […]

Baby Safety Month with Owlet – Grandkid Safety

This month is Baby Safety Month and a company called Owlet has sponsored an entire month of posts on baby safety.  Yesterday it was my friend Rachael from Busy Mommy Media.  She had a nasty drowning scare with her toddler, so she wrote about baby safety around the water.  If you have little ones, you […]

How to Use Azova for Online Medical Help

Janet Thaeler – One of my best blogger friends invited me to a blogger event for Azova health.  It’s a new system where you can meet up with medical professionals online.  I was pretty excited about this because I HATE taking time off work for medical appointments.   Disclaimer – I did receive free services and […]

Awesome Solutions for your Sinus Problems

Welcome!  I hope you are having a terrific day! Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite solutions for sinus problems.  Sinus problems are the PITS!  And I get more than my share of them. Allergies – check! Deviated septum – check! Frequent sinus infections – check! (In fact, I have one […]

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Maximize Your Closet with Halftees

So glad you are here.   Once in a while, I find things that I really think are cool and want to share with you.  I ran across Halftees at a conference recently and I thought they were really a cool concept to expand your wardrobe, particularly for plus sized women. I’ve been a plus-sized […]

Odysseo by Cavalia – What an AMAZING Show

Odysseo by Cavalia is a unique big top show that is traveling around the country.  We are lucky enough to have them in Salt Lake for a few more weeks.  I did a giveaway for them a couple of weeks ago and so earned pair of free tickets to their Social Media night for my husband […]

My NEW Favorite Website – Retro Planet

Hi folks, I know I’ve been pretty AWOL on my blog lately because I’ve been sooooo busy with my new Blogger Revolution class.  I’m learning a ton of great stuff, but it’s super time-consuming. However, when I was researching some stuff for my class, I ran across the cutest website called Retro Planet and I […]

A Weird Way to Watch Movies for a Buck

Now, I’m not necessarily a “deal blogger”, but I definitely keep my eyes open and when I spot something that is a good deal for you, I always pass on the information to my readers.  This time I’ve found a way to massively cut costs on watching movies.  Nice, new-release movies and shows like The […]

Earn Money from Your Outdated Electronics

Over the holidays, probably millions of brand new phones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles and other electronics were given as gifts.  That is wonderful for the lucky recipients – I’m hoping YOU got some shiny new toys because I certainly didn’t, although I did give my husband a Kindle Fire and my son and grandkids got […]